How to a Find Lost Ring on Cape Cod – Call a Ring Finder

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Fourth of July ended with the sky rockets bright glare and a bang, as I returned Alex’s lost and found wedding band. The band had been lost the day before and no amount of searching had found it. I was called and was quick to start a search. Not wanting to get my socks wet I started the grid on the ocean side, working toward the beach which had some drainage and the tide was coming in. The search went to the second possible area as detailed by Alex who had left for a birthday party. Not finding the ring, I had no other option but to hit the drainage run-off areas. Yep, there it was about an inch deep in the center of the run-off. My feet were wet, the ring came up, the sun went down and everyone left the beach and I headed for the party. I was greeted by a houseful of wonderful family members. Entertaining stories were exchanged and pictures taken as we watched a fireworks display beyond the back yard. A fitting end for a memorable day.