Sentimental Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Philadelphia, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Clifford contacted me through the Ring Finder Directory after losing his tantalum wedding band at a school playground in Philadelphia, PA. He texted me and asked if we could discuss my services and the details surrounding his lost ring. In speaking with him he conveyed he was supervising the children on the playground while his ring was in his pocket…he believed the ring probably fell to the ground after he took his phone in and out of his pocket several times. He noticed the ring was missing while still there but the grass was quite deep and the area where lost was large. He figured his only hope was a metal detector…hence the call. I met him at the school the next day and he showed me the area where he was standing when the ring was lost. School was in session at the time so I had quite an audience looking on! Like most school yards trash was abundant so my machine was very noisy and I had to hyper focus on only stopping for a “surface ring” signal unique to my detector. Well after about 20 minute of searching I finally got the signal I was looking for….after bending down and pushing the high grass aside….there was Cliff’s beautiful band! Cliff had to go to work so he wasn’t present when I found…I immediately texted him a picture of his ring…and received “My guy! You are awesome” text back! I was happy to leave the ring with one of his coworkers to get back to the rightful owner!!!


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