Lost 14K White Gold Wedding Band, Found Afton Virginia (Charlottesville)

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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While vacationing in Ocean City Maryland this past week I received a call from a customer who was trying to locate his wife’s 14K white gold wedding band with diamonds. As I wasn’t due to arrive back in Leesburg until the next day we coordinated for me to make the 2 1/2 hour trip to his home in Afton on Sunday. Stephan did borrow a friend’s metal detector and gave it a valiant attempt, but he was not able to locate the ring.

On Sunday I traveled to Stephan’s home in Afton Virginia..West of Charlottesville, a gorgeous drive through some very scenic mountain areas in Southern Virginia.

Once I arrived Stephan gave me a brief story of how the ring was lost and possibly where he thought it might be. I started my search close to the house hoping the ring wasn’t too far away, we moved a small wood pile out of the way so I could get a nice pathway cleared and I conducted a grid search across the front yard several times, only hitting mostly iron/trash items. There was also a lot of interference in the area n ext to the house so I had to change the frequency settings on the Equinox 800 down to 20khz to get a cleaner signal. After not locating the ring near the home I expanded my search to a field across a small gravel driveway in front of their home. I did three wide grid passes, each about 30/40 yards in length in the field and on the third line hit a nice bang tone of 8 on the detector, as most know this is typically a white gold range. As I knelt down and moved the tall grass out of the way the beautiful white gold ring showed itself to be saved.


As I was getting up from the ground, Stephan was coming out of the house. I raised my hand with the ring and he yelled, “you found it!?” …and came running across the front yard, injured leg or not he was trying to run as fast as he could to see the ring. Stephan was so elated that he gave me a big bear hug, this is saying a lot for a guy his size!!


Stephan and his wife were ecstatic to have the ring returned and I couldn’t be happier to bring this joy back to them and have the matching set back together.

God Bless and Happy Hunting






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  1. Stephan Peters says:

    Ray was truly a godsend to myself and my wife. In a pinch he coordinated with me to come out and locate the ring. Especially being over 2 hours away he right away returned my phone call and we set it up. The best feeling was not only have the ring being found but dealing with the man himself. Hewas so polite and professional and just a very great man to sit and converse with as well during the search. I had been stressing for a few days if not finding it spending several hours every evening looking for it. Where he located it I had walked over it several and I mean several times! As the story goes when I returned outdoors after speaking to wife seeing it in his hand was an absolute relief and a wonderful sight to behold! We are blessed and privileged to have been able to find Ray and we have so much gratitude and appreciation for him. If you ever need something like this done. He is the A-1 recommendation I could ever give out. Please give him a call! You will not be disappointed!

  2. Ray was truly a godsend and a blessing for myself and my wife. He returned my phone call and we immediately set up a plan and he showed up at the time given to me. Being over two hours away he still made the time to come and help us. Not only he being polite and cordial, he was also a great person to converse with during the search. I had looked myself for several hours for a few evenings and I was beyond stressed. He came in a with an approach and executed. After about an hour I stepped indoors to speak with my wife and I returned outside to seeing him holding it in his hand and goodness not only a stress relief. But a beautiful sight to behold. Especially with us getting married in less than a week! If you guys ever need something of this magnitude to be taken care of. Ray is your guy to call and I would recommend him everyday and twice on Sunday’s!!!! Thank you once again for being there for us and you rock man!

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