Ring Lost in Milan, IL...Found

  • from Bettendorf (Iowa, United States)

Note: I am posting this many months after finding the ring, but I wanted to share this wonderful event.

I received a call for a lost ring in late February 2022.  The temperatures were mild for a February here in the Midwest and a gal I’ll refer to as Michelle, had been doing a little cleanup in her flower garden.  During the cleanup process Michelle’s ring came off of her finger.  It was a classic case of being mild enough to be outside, but still cool enough to easily have a ring slip off of your finger.

I received a call from Michelle and she explained her situation and she asked if I could look for her ring.  Michelle stated that the ring had more sentimental value to it than anything else as it was a gift to her from her grandson.  I informed Michelle that I would be over to her home within an hour.

I drove over to Michelle’s house and I was shown the flower garden and approximate location to search.  I grabbed my detector and went to work.  Within about 10 minutes I located Michelle’s ring and made her very happy.

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