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Lost Ring Found… Bettendorf(Quad Cities) Iowa


I got an email from a lady saying she had lost her wedding ring. She was pulling weeds and debris from a flower bed in her yard and noticed her ring was missing. This happened over a year ago. Her husband and her rented a detector but couldn’t find it.

They are getting ready to move so they thought they would give it one more shot and found my name on theringfinders site. When I arrived this morning Sept. 18th

it was raining but not hard enough that I couldn’t detect. They showed me the area she thought it was lost in and assured me that it wasn’t thrown away with the weeds. Well I searched for awhile finding mostly junk targets. On my thirteenth target I pulled up the ring and what a ring it is!

She was so excited when I called her over. She couldn’t stop hugging me. I was so happy to help these people. It was definetly the best ring I’ve ever found. I can’t wait for my next call out. Happy hunting everyone.

Norm Slaymaker