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Car Keys Lost in the Snow in Moline, IL…Found

  • from Bettendorf (Iowa, United States)

I received an email last night from a young lady I will call, Nikki.  Nikki was cleaning the snow off of her car when she noticed that her keys had fallen out of her pocket.  We had just gotten nearly a foot of newly fallen snow and while Nikki searched through the snow with her hands and a rake she was unable to locate her keys.  I emailed Nikki a reply and told her that I would be out to her home in the morning and see if I could find her keys.

I arrived at Nikki’s house this morning and began my search, which was hampered by all of the rebar in her concrete driveway along with very uneven snow piled around her car.  I lowered my sensitivity quite a bit on my detector and I leveled off the snow with a shovel immediately around all sides of Nikki’s car.  The leveling off of the snow actually took longer than finding her keys as I would scan each shovel full of snow in the event that I had scooped up her keys.  Once I had a nice evened out surface of snow I found Nikki’s keys in hard packed snow on the drivers side of her car.  Nikki was at work so I delivered her keys to her at her office.  As expected, Nikki was happy to get her keys back in her possession.


Lost Ring Found… Bettendorf(Quad Cities) Iowa


I got an email from a lady saying she had lost her wedding ring. She was pulling weeds and debris from a flower bed in her yard and noticed her ring was missing. This happened over a year ago. Her husband and her rented a detector but couldn’t find it.

They are getting ready to move so they thought they would give it one more shot and found my name on theringfinders site. When I arrived this morning Sept. 18th

it was raining but not hard enough that I couldn’t detect. They showed me the area she thought it was lost in and assured me that it wasn’t thrown away with the weeds. Well I searched for awhile finding mostly junk targets. On my thirteenth target I pulled up the ring and what a ring it is!

She was so excited when I called her over. She couldn’t stop hugging me. I was so happy to help these people. It was definetly the best ring I’ve ever found. I can’t wait for my next call out. Happy hunting everyone.

Norm Slaymaker