Two rings recovered at Wrightsville beach NC. And returned

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

This is the story of how two lost rings were recovered and returned to the owner thanks to three of us detectorist working together to find them. Paulie who started the search and how David and myself became involved to make this recovery possible. This is the words best describing the search by Paulie.

RINGS FOUND: Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get this story out..Not sure how to begin but as you can see from this post is how it pretty much began..I set out on Tues after work in search of these 2 missing rings..I had messaged Eva Pecora and asked her where she thought she lost them and started there.I made a grid pattern making sure to cover most of the area for about an hour with no luck..While I was searching I noticed a fellow detectorist coming up the beach it was Michael Gaskin a fellow I’ve talked to before..he had asked what I was up to told him what I was looking for and he decided to help me for a bit..I had started to wander away from him when all the sudden out of nowhere he asked about the gold ring did it have an emerald surrounded by 6 diamonds??? Wait what!?!? How did he know exactly what the ring looked like?? He had talked to another guy about a 1/2 hr before he saw me and the guy had found the gold ring the day before and was telling Michael about it(what are the chances)We immediately went to my car to get my phone and look at the picture..He said yep that’s it we have to find him..we never did but knew we had the gold ring found!!I contacted Eva and let her know what was up and that we were going to find the guy with her ring no matter what..I went home Mike stayed the night to look for the silver ring low and behold he ended up finding it at about 4am the next morning about a 1/10 of a mile away from where it was lost(incredible) he sent me the pic! That morning I texted Eva and told here about the Silver ring and put her in touch with Mike…that day Wednesday Mike stayed around to look for the guy with the Gold ring I was joining him after work to help search for him…I went one way Mike went the other in about an hour Mike found him and informed him of the situation regarding the ring he found..he was reluctant at first I don’t blame him but with a picture and the owner on the phone it was a giveaway that it was indeed the ring..45 minutes later Mike was on his way to pick up the ring..That night Mike drove the rings to Eva in Raleigh and he went home to HallsBoro sp?? I also would like to add that Eva received her lost rings that were passed down by her grandfather on his Birthday…♥️

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