Kyle Tobias, Author at The Ring Finders

Ring Recovered in river near Rockford, IL

  • from Trevor (Wisconsin, United States)

I was contacted yesterday about a wedding ring that fell off during a canoe trip down the Kishwaukee river. The canoe had gotten hung up on a submerged tree limb in a faster current area and the ring fell off. The owners searched the area and was able to see it in the water but lacked the equipment to retrieve it and reached out to the ring finders for assistance. I was able to meet them out at the river this morning and after a short walk upstream we were at the location. The current made it a little challenging to swing the detector and stand still and luckily was only a few feet deep and with a great location given by the owners the ring was recovered fairly quickly.  After being in the river almost a full two days it had gotten buried about 3 inches under silt and gravel.

Engagement ring and wedding band found in Chain O’ Lakes Illinois

  • from Trevor (Wisconsin, United States)

I received a call this morning about an engagement/ wedding band set that had fallen off in the water during a game of volleyball on the 4th of July.  I was able to meet the couple out at the lake and their friend gave us a lift on the boat to the spot where the ring was lost.  After 5 hours of searching in the water and digging up somewhere close to 30-40 bottle caps, both rings in the set had been recovered.  The search area had to be expanded once the main area was covered and both rings were found about 10ft from each other in an area that was closer to shore than what the owners had been hanging around in.

Lost wedding ring in Powers Lake, Genoa City, WI 8/7/2016

  • from Trevor (Wisconsin, United States)

I was contacted by a guy who lost his ring while swimming in Powers Lake near a floating trampoline.  He had a pretty good idea of where it was and the water was only about 6ft deep but with all of the weeds and the muck in the area it made it hard to see clearly to the bottom.  The floating trampoline was his landmark however the trampoline could moved close to 10ft in any direction.  After an hour and a half of searching with scuba gear, the ring was located right by the trampoline.  


IMG_1021               IMG_1022

Lost Engagement Ring near Bristol, WI 7/24/2016

  • from Trevor (Wisconsin, United States)

I was contacted today by a man and his fiancée.  They were traveling near a road when the ring fell off of her hand and landed in the grass somewhere near the road.  They felt they had a pretty good idea of where the ring had ended up and after about 30 minutes of searching, the ring was located about 20ft outside of their original search zone.


IMG_0952 IMG_0953