Ring found in Mt. Pleasant, WI

  • from Trevor (Wisconsin, United States)

This ring hunt was referred to me by fellow ring finder Paul Humphrey who was unable to make it out due to other commitments.

I was contacted by Nick, who had told me about losing his ring in his yard while chasing after his dog that had just gotten out of the house.  This event occurred a few months ago while there was still snow on the ground and freezing temperatures.  During the chase, Nick slipped in the snow while rounding the garage, got up and continued on.  After he made it back into the house, he noticed the ring was missing.

The overall search area was the backyard which was not bad in itself.  The challenge with this hunt came from overhead powerlines, plenty of nails along a fence line, and underground power and cable lines along the garage and house.  After three and a half hours and some adjustments to the metal detector, the ring was successfully recovered up against the post of the fence and hiding under some leaves.

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