Ring lost in the Kelowna snow, found & returned weeks later

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

An ex Westjet flight attendant friend of mine, who knew I was a member of The Ringfinders, called me to ask if I could help her friend Pam locate her lost ring. Pam loaned her mothers ring to her daughter to wear. Playing in the snow throwing snowballs, the daughter lost the ring on a boulevard. I met Pam by the school and she showed me where her daughter thought that she lost the ring in the snow. Pam and both her kids had searched the area a few times with no luck, they had given up, but my friend said not to give up. By now the snow was gone and the boulevard was grass. I started my search and Pam wandered the other way, fortunately the sun luckily glinted off the gold and Pam had the ring in minutes.