• from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

It was an unusual Winter day in Lake Country BC, when Naomi was out in the  backyard with her dog. On returning indoors she noticed her 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding ring was missing. She looked me up on The Ringfinders website and asked if I could help her. The day she called at 6:45 am, it was -10 degrees Celsius and she had over 2 feet of snow in her yard, I responded by noon the same day, it was still snowing heavily. She was not sure of the location in the yard, but had an idea, her husband Jason was out with a flashlight hoping to locate it, without any luck. After the hour drive to their home they showed me their yard, I was surprised at the depth of the snow but suspected that the ring would not have fallen all the way through the snow. I spent an hour gridding the yard which was difficult going, I told them that if I did not locate it I would return the next week when the snow would have melted to a lesser depth, in the worst case I would return when the snow was gone and not to worry, it would be found. After recovering my breath and warming my hands I gave the worn down pathway one last sweep when I got a good signal, success the ring was found.