Lost wedding ring returned in Kelowna BC

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Sheri and her husband were working on their Low Maintenance, water saving yard. Throwing the large rocks around the area, her husband heard a ping and noticed his 14k white gold wedding band was missing, he stopped work and looked around for it. With no luck Sheri called her friend in Vancouver who gave her my phone number, and said give him a call, he will help you search for it with a metal detector. When she called, I told her that with a construction site, time is of the essence and I would be there the next day. With her husband at work, Sheri showed me the location they where working, and said she suspected that it had fallen down between the large rocks. I knew from past experience that the ping meant the ring had bounced away, so I started the search around the perimeter, Sheri convinced it was in the big rocks continued moving them away. After around 45 minutes of searching and still outside the rock pile I located the ring 30 feet away from the rock pile around the location that they were standing, this location was scheduled to be levelled off with a cat the next day. Sheri was delighted and called me a Superstar

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