Lost Ring in Kelowna snow returned

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Ubit was heading for the morning bus, on the way he stopped to brush the snow off his clothes. He quickly realized that his ring was lost in the process. No problem he went back home and found a metal detector rental company, after a few hours of searching with no luck, he went around the neighbourhood and posted lots of distress posters. The ring was given to him by his mother, it was of extreme importance,  and it had a spiritual meaning to him.  He searched  the internet, here he found me on The Ringfinders site, I told him I would be there the next morning.  When I arrived he was not home, but his roommate showed me the location where he lost the ring. When he arrived home 10 minutes later he was surprised to see that I had found the ring.

Lost ringring