Rings Lost in Snow Found - Waterford CT

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
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Just after Winter Storm Juno finished dumping snow on Southeastern Connecticut, I received a call from a couple who lost their engagement ring and wedding band in their backyard. First they tried renting a metal detector from a local sporting goods store, no luck. Not giving up, they spent a couple of days using metal detectors purchased from Amazon, still no luck.

Upon my arrival we went into the back yard where I found shoveled pathways and remaining footprints from the previous searching.  The Search was difficult due to the foot of frozen, uneven snow. About 30 minutes into the search, I heard the unmistakable “ring” signal. My XP Deus told me it was less than 8 inch deep so I knew it wasn’t another signal bleeding through the snow from underground. Waving over the husband, we dug through the snow and recovered a beautiful 14k white gold wedding band.

Photo 1Photo 2











Unfortunately, the engagement ring wasn’t right next to the wedding band. After covering the same area three different times, and another thirty minutes later, I caught a weak signal about 10 feet away from where I found the first ring. After brushing away a couple inches of snow the signal strengthened. A little more carful digging and diamond poked through the snow. We found the second ring!

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Photo 5

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog…. Don’t wait for the snow to melt, contact The Ring Finders asap!

2 Replies to “Rings Lost in Snow Found – Waterford CT”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go on the double header keith! Just goes to show that it takes a good detector and a good detectorist to locate a lost ring…Snow searches are fun and I wish we had some snow out our way. Happy Hunting, Chris

  2. Great job Keith. This is a great illustration to all those who rent detectors thinking it will be a snap finding something. It takes experience, dedication and hardwork. Hire an experienced detectorist.

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