Lost Texas A&M Class Ring (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Texas A&M Class Ring Houston, Texas

2015 Texas A&M Class Ring lost while throwing a ball to a dog…at a residence in Houston, Texas (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston







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2 Replies to “Lost Texas A&M Class Ring (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston”

  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Nice recovery, John. That’s a bummer about the camera, but you still put the smile on his face and I know the young lady who lost it is smiling as well!

  2. John VOLEK says:

    Comment by client John:

    A friend lost her Aggie ring this weekend while throwing the ball with the dogs in my backyard. Over 15 people spent about an hour searching through the 600 sf. of grass where the ring could have landed. No luck…
    On Monday afternoon, I called John. He was at my house in about an hour and found the ring under 6″ of st Augustine grass in 20 minutes.
    Results speak for themselves. GREAT JOB JOHN! Thanks and Gig’em!

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