Lost Texas A&M Class Ring Clear Creek (Houston, Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Texas A&M Ring while kayaking the rain swollen Clear Creek (Houston, Texas)

Tuff searching conditions and negative results were the unfortunate outcome of this year’s first search.

I was contacted by Joe who found “The Ring Finders” on-line while searching for help on how to find his lost ring. Joe said, he and his girlfriend had been navigating their way down Clear Creek in their kayaks when he managed to lose his ring.

Joe said the kayaking conditions were tuff, with muddy conditions at both the launch and recovery locations. Joe said he believed the ring may have slipped of hos finger in the muddy conditions at either the launch or recovery location.

Joe’s new 2016 class ring was not found, but we plan to return in the following month when the water in the creek has receded. The edges of the creek were very steep and slippery, with waters depths exceeding any possibility of entering the water safely.




































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4 Replies to “Lost Texas A&M Class Ring Clear Creek (Houston, Texas”

  1. John Volek says:

    Joe left the following comment:

    John was a great asset in assisting me look for my lost Aggie ring. I lost it while kayaking in Clear Creek and John came out and gave an outstanding effort in trying to locate it. He offered many helpful suggestions and helped break down the possibilities of where it could be. In the end John was able to give me peace of mind by eliminating several locations it was could have been. Ultimately it was confirmed that it must have slipped off during the trip at some point and John offered to come out and help look again for free if the creek dries up at some point.

  2. Matthew Fry says:

    It’s the ones you can’t find that hurt your feelings. Good try John.

  3. Don Carmack says:

    That was a tough one, hopefully the return search will be a success. Great effort

    1. John Volek says:


      Yes, hopefully when the water recedes, which doesn’t seem likely anytime soon, we can return and look for it again.


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