Lost 70 Year Old Wedding Ring Found Houston Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost 70 Year Old Wedding Ring Found in the Heights-Houston Texas


I was contacted by Buddy and Sandy of Houston regarding Buddy’s lost wedding band. Sandy said her husband had been doing some yard work (digging) when he lost his wedding band in their backyard.

Sandy said the wedding band had strong sentimental value, explaining the wedding ring had belonged to her father, and when she married Buddy it became his Wedding Band-Ring.

Sandy wanted to know if I could assist them in finding their lost prized possession” Buddy’s Wedding Ring”


I met with Buddy and Sandy at their residence and was shown the area needing to be searched. Buddy said he had been checking the homes sewer pipe after a large tree had been removed from the backyard. Buddy said he was concerned the homes sewer pipe might have been damaged after the removal of a large tree. Buddy said he dug down approximately two foot to examine the sewer the pipe determining it had not been damaged. Buddy said,  he later realized his wedding ring was missing after he had completed the inspection of the sewer pipe.

That was a little concerning, but as it turned out the ring was found on the surface a few yards from where Buddy had been digging.


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Equipment Used:


TRX Pin Pinter







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