Lost Wedding Ring Sugar Land, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Happy to have his wedding found

Great First Day with “The Ring Finders”


I told Lee Vaughn that hearing about him having lost his wedding ring was in of itself a miracle. I had just made an inquiry at work as to the type of metal detectors currently being used by the department.

It was at this time, I found out about Lee’s lost wedding ring. Our CSI personnel had tried to assist him a few days prior in locating his lost wedding ring but where unsuccessful. The search location was extremely muddy at that time making it extraordinary difficult to conduct any type of search.

The story was Lee had apparently lost his Platinum wedding ring while trying to get his vehicle un-stuck in a muddy field near the department.

I drove by the location that evening which was now dry and was able to identify the area in question. There were several deep tire ruts and muddy foot tracks in the area that had been described to me. I returned the next day with my Minelab Excalibur, consequently the same day I joined “The Ring Finders” and found Lee’s ring buried in about one inch of mud. The search took about thirty minutes.

I contacted Lee that evening identifying myself and informed him I had found his lost wedding ring. I think Lee was a little apprehensive initially, until I described the ring and the location where it was recovered. Lee said he had given up all hope of ever getting his ring back. He explained after the previous unsuccessful attempt he had rented a metal detector from Acme Rentals. He said, he had and spent an entire day searching for his lost ring. He was convenienced the ring was lost forever.