Lost Ring in the Snow Near Somerset, PA... Found!

  • from Altoona (Pennsylvania, United States)

Kim’s daughter lost her engagement ring in the snow while playing with their dog. She wasn’t actually sure where she had lost it, but after searching all through the house and in the trash, they concluded that it must’ve come off her hand while throwing a snowball to their dog outside. I got a call from Kim, who said she saw my success stories of ring recoveries on the internet and asked if I would come search for the ring even though I was about two hours away. She shared with me that the year has been rough for the family and was devastated that something like this had happened so close to Christmas. As she fought back tears, I reassured her that I would come out to look and do my best to recover the lost ring.


Julie (my wonderful girlfriend and somewhat reluctant assistant) and I made the drive to Normalville, PA, near Somerset, two days before Christmas to search Kim’s yard for the ring. After about an hour of grid searching the yard twice, I wondered if maybe Kim’s daughter had lost it somewhere in the house after all. Julie, ever so patiently waiting in the cold, told me to take another look near the steps closer to the house. I turned up the sensitivity on the machine a bit and went over to a deeper pile of snow near the steps and lo and behold, I got a faint signal. I pulled the ring out of the snow and yelled, “Hey baby, thanks!” as I held the ring up for her to see. Julie says there are times I don’t listen to her, but I’m glad I did today! Another successful ring recovery!   


Please contact me so I can help you recover what you thought was lost forever and you, too, will be smiling again! It’s never too late to recover a ring. Whether you lost it five minutes ago or fifty years ago, I’ll do my best to find it! Take a look at my book of smiles and follow me on Instagram @MrKingDigsIt.

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  1. Lindsay Gallentine says:

    To the man who made my Christmas, THANK YOU! I’m so impressed with you without even having met you! You pulled through after a 4 hour round trip, TWO days before Christmas. I truly can’t thank you enough!

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