Lady’s Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Thursday, just before 4 pm, I got a text saying, “Is this ring finders? We have a lost wedding ring out there in the ocean today, north myrtle beach. My mother has had it for 44 years 🙁 I called the number attached to the text and spoke with Sara. She told me that her, her mother, Debbie, and her sister, Kadie had arrived about 1 pm for a girl’s week. Her mother had gone out shortly after arrival to about knee deep in the surf. She suddenly got hit by a big wave and got knocked over. Sara also said her mother was tumbling around in the water and when she finally stood up; her wedding ring was gone. I asked Sara about what time this happened, and she told me about 1 pm. This was good news because high tide was right around 1 and it was now shortly before 4 so the tide was receding.  I told Sara I’d be there in 15-20 minutes, grabbed my Equinox 800 and was on my way.

When I arrived at the condo, Sara was waiting for me in the parking lot and gave me a parking pass. On our way out to the beach she reiterated the details and said she was sure of the location. Once on the beach, I met Debbie and Kadie. One thing that was very obvious to me was that these young ladies really love their mother. I could tell Debbie was very upset but held her emotions in check. Both Kadie and Sara showed me the search area and it was maybe 25 yards across. I confirmed that the metal was yellow gold and from the picture they showed me, I was expecting a 12/13 on the VDI (visual display indicator). I noticed Debbie had gone back to their room, while Sara and Kadie found a spot on the beach to watch. I started a perpendicular grid search at the far north boundary line.  Since the loss happened over 3 hours ago by now, I expected the ring to be in the wet sand and not in the ocean. Nonetheless, I ran my grid line out to about thigh deep. I was about 3 lines short of the southern boundary line and in the wet sand when I got a solid 13 on the VDI. I took a scoop of sand and laid it out on the beach. I spread the sand out with my foot and saw a little glimmer of gold and the outline of a ring. BINGO! I reached down and picked up the ring and held it up for Sara and Kadie to see. They both saw me at the same time, I think one of them gave a little scream of excitement, and literally flew down to me. I didn’t want to give it to them until I had washed the sand off in the ocean, they were patient. When they had their hands on it they were so excited. They quickly called Debbie and gave her the good news. I couldn’t see her, but one of the girl’s said Debbie was on the balcony waving her hands. What a feeling it was to hand Debbie back her ring of 44 years. She had called her husband when it happened and gave him the bad news. I got to hear her call him back and give him the good news; he was very excited for her. I love these lost item reunions.

Sara and Kadie – Thank you so much for trusting me to help find your mother’s special wedding ring.

Debbie – I’m so happy to have gotten your ring back to you. You guys enjoy your girl’s week.




5 Replies to “Lady’s Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach, SC”

  1. Kadie says:

    JIM!! You truly saved a lifetime of memories and a bunch more. I could never thank you enough. You are an angel and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you and your kindness.

  2. Debbie says:

    Jim thank you so much for finding my ring I NEVER thought it would be found you made me and my girls so very happy and saved our vacation .we haven’t stopped talking about you and the good that you do for people. We are forever thankful ❤️

  3. Sara MacCollum says:

    There are no words. We honestly thought there was no way we would ever get this ring back. I cant thank Jim enough, we went from tears of sadness to disbelief to absolute joy!! All thanks to Jim, the ring finder.

  4. Beverly says:

    Thank you so much for finding my sisters ring! Truely amazing what you do sir ❤️. And my sister is truly amazing and I am soooooooooo happy that this turned out the way it did thanks to you. You are a kind wonderful man and I’m so happy that they got to meet you. Love Beverly ❤️🙏🏻😘

  5. Joy says:

    That is so awesome! I’m so glad you found my dear friend’s ring. They both are just the loveliest couple I know❤️

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