Man's Silver Wedding Band Lost in the sand - Found North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from a third party asking if I’d contact Brian to possibly assist him in finding his Silver Wedding Band on the beach. I called Brian and he agreed that he wanted me to help in finding his ring so I jumped in the car and was there in about 15 minutes.

Brian and his wife gave me the details on what the ring looked like and the area of sand it should be in. I squared in the area, confirmed it and started doing my grid search. On my third line I got a strong signal, took a scoop of sand and shook it out and there was his very handsome ring. I called him over, held out the scoop and let him take the ring out. He gave a big fist pump and his family broke out in applause. His bride had a big smile on her face and gave him a kiss – what a moment!!!!!

This was a text book recovery thanks to Brian getting the ball rolling as soon as he lost his ring that resulted in a very happy ending!!!

Brian – thank you for the generous reward. Hope you and your family have a safe and relaxing vacation.

Remember – if you’ve lost your ring, jewelry or other treasure contact a member of the Ring Finders as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

Jim Wren


3 Replies to “Man’s Silver Wedding Band Lost in the sand – Found North Myrtle Beach SC”

  1. Brian says:

    We are so appreciative of the Finder! Jim came to our spot on the beach In a hurry and found the ring even faster. Me and my wife are so thankful we came across Jim. Happy wife happy life!

  2. Matthew Fry says:

    While I’m going door to door for my son’s election, you are securing a steak dinner. Way to go Jim!

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