Lost Engagement Ring Recovered at Fort Meade, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

It’s been quite a while (Jan. 2014) since my last last blog, service request and recovery, but that is a good thing as no one wants to lose something precious or important to them.  That changed when Anni contacted me last Wednesday after she lost her engagement ring the Saturday before. She was referred to me by someone who I’ve helped out in the past. That goes to show that people who you help out are truly appreciative and remember such things.  As I usually like to do, I’ll let Anni tell you the story…..

During a family photo shoot in the park, my engagement ring slipped off my finger. I noticed it almost immediately but the park was large, the grass was thick and many leaves had fallen from the trees making it very difficult to locate where the ring may have fallen off.
After looking for the ring and being unable to find it, we borrowed a metal detector and spent the next few days using the metal detector for several hours each day trying to find the engagement ring. After two long days, our metal detector found two pennies, a gum wrapper and the tab to a soda can.
Using a community social media site, I reached out to see if anyone was aware of a “lost and found” office I could contact. Although there was no “lost and found” office, one person had referred me to a “professional ring finder” that had been able to successfully find her wedding ring that had been lost outside and covered in snow.
In desperation, I contacted Jim Wagner, “the professional ring finder,” to see if he would be able to help find my engagement ring. Although the ring had suffered through two days of heavy rain and been lost almost an entire week, Jim was confident he would be able to find the ring.
Jim was professional and responsive and met with us the very next day after contacting him. We had a general idea as to where the ring may have fallen, so he used that knowledge coupled with his experience as well as his high-end metal detecting equipment and was able to locate the lost ring within approximately 30 seconds. He found the ring in the same area we had already searched early in the week using our own metal detector.
I am eternally thankful. It is such a terrible feeling when you know you have lost something so dear to you and not sure if you will ever see it again. Jim was extremely professional, personable, prompt and helpful. He works with the top of the line equipment and has a real passion for finding things. Best of all, he genuinely wants to reunite people with their precious, lost valuables and he gets great satisfaction from helping people.

…..Thank you Anni for such a kind endorsement. It was a pleasure helping you and your husband locate the missing ring. Most of all, a big thank you to you and your family for your service and sacrifice for our Country!

Anni's husband John with the ring in hand!

Anni’s husband John with the ring in hand!

There it is after removing a few leaves above it!

There it is after removing a few leaves above it!

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That’s a great find Jim…Glad you were able to help them!

  2. vicki axton says:

    I recently found a piece of jewelry in the Severna Park area. Has anyone contacted you recently about a lost piece of jewelry?

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