Wedding Band Found By Metal Detecting In Santa Monica

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


Thursday October 20, 2016

Garrett called me from Santa Monica, who lost his large white gold wedding band when playing volleyball with a group of friends. I needed to wait for traffic to die down and went up to meet him, and arrived at the beach about 8:00 pm. I met him by the pier and walked with him to the volleyball courts. After speaking with him earlier in the day, I asked him to map out the general areas where the ring could’ve fell off. After about 15 minutes, my metal detector let out a loud RING. I took two scoops down, and found the ring right next to the volleyball court. He was thrilled to see the sentimental ring for him and his wife, who both shared the same dentist. He was a mutual friend who insisted on making the ring himself for the couple. Once again, it was a nice long drive back from the coast. It felt great to reunite the ring with its rightful owner.

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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Nice recovery. I could not view the photos.

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