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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a tossed wedding ring from the front yard!

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April 2022 Nelson contacted me asking if I could do a search for his fiancé’s diamond engagement wedding ring in Seattle, WA. Nelson told me a few days prior that they had a stressful moment while standing on the front driveway. Unfortunately she threw an engagement ring and a wedding band at the same time at him. He said he felt one hit him and found it quickly thereafter. However the thin diamond engagement ring eluded them. They went on line and a Google search lead them to the ring finders. After having seen a few of my videos they decided to give me a call for a ring search.

As we have stated in the past if you find yourself in a similar situation where stress may have lead to the loss of your valuables please don’t hesitate to call for my assistance as soon as possible. We are not here to put you on blast as we all have our moments of stress. It is important that we work quickly especially in yard environments before lawn mowers get used or the ring gets stepped on or run over by vehicles. In public spaces it critical that you mark your location with a  GPS pin on your phone or a fish finer if on a boat and call me immediately for additional instructions. We have a lot of experience over a variety of lost item situations and we are here on standby to take your call for a confidential chat about your specific situation. I will do all I can to provide you the support you deserver to do all we can together as team to get your valuables back into your hands where they belong.

Watch this episode of The Seattle Ring Hunter Lost Item Recovery to see the resolution of this tossed engagement ring. Never give up hope…

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