Lost Gold Ring In The Woodinville WA Woodpile

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)



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Watch this recovery video of Dominic’s lost gold ring.

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Dominic contacted me asking for some help in locating a lost gold ring. Due to the cold weather front that had just arrived the night before he was gathering some firewood for the home. While collecting the wood he lost a very sentimental gold wedding band. He had received this ring from his father ten years previous and to this day it has a lot of meaning and connection to his dad. After realizing the ring had gone missing Dominic was cautious not to walk around the wood pile too much as he didn’t want to step on the ring and damage or press it into the ground. He was also quick to make a post to social media looking for a metal detector. This is when someone told him to contact TheRingFinders.com as they had used our services in the past. Later that evening I was at his residence with my equipment in hand. Without wasting time I got the search under way as a full on snow storm was quickly approaching. 

Dominic clearly described his actions indicating that he did take some work gloves off during his work. He also used a riding lawnmower to haul the firewood up the driveway to the home. He became aware of the missing ring rather quickly so we had a very strong assumption the ring was most likely lost during his wood gathering actions.

I scanned the easy sections of driveway first, inspected the riding lawnmower then rounded back to the woodpile. Dominic’s ring was recovered just at the start of the wood pile. His ring was visually obscured under a few leaves as rings are much of the time. Dominic was rewarded with a hassle free recovery simply by reaching out to TheRingFinders.com and getting a Lost Item Recovery Specialist involved soon after his loss. He is happy to have his fathers ring back safely on his finger.

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