Wedding ring set found in Fort Collins, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Chiyoko reunited with her rings

While out walking her dog with her kids Chiyoko Hogan lost her wedding & engagement rings while attempting to toss a snowball at her two wonderful daughters. The rings escaped her hand, hit a handrail that was beside the sidewalk she was on and then hid from sight under 2-3 inches of freshly fallen snow. Chiyoko did not see the ring set leave her figure but she did hear it hit the metal handrail. Immediately the search for the rings began but due to the two pre-teen children and dog on the lease, efforts were hindered. She went into her apartment with tears in her eyes to get her husband Joshua to assist in the search. The couple moved several inches of snow because of previous snow along with the fresh snow in an attempt to find the ring set.

After a couple hours of searching Joshua went to a local retail store to purchase a metal detector. The detector that was purchased was not of very good quality but should have been able to find the ring. They searched the area again without luck again. Joshua knew that the detector that was purchased wasn’t of good quality so he went to a store where he could rent a metal detector. The rental detector was definitely a better quality machine, but without experience using such a machine even the world’s best metal detector would not be much help. They searched the area that they expected the ring to be in one more time hoping the detector would alert them to the rings’ location.

After a quick internet search the couple came upon my Ring Finders profile and contacted me Friday night night. Unfortunatly I was not home that night due to having plans with my wife that niht. But Joshua left a message and contact information so that I could get ahold of him at an appropriate time. I called Joshua the next morning and he told me the basic information of the rings’ loss We made arrangements for me to come and search for the ring later on that day, Saturday, February 11, 2012. Unfortunately Chiyoko would not be able to be there when I made my search for her rings due to having to fly back to her former home town to see a sick relative.

Upon arriving at their residence Joshua took me to the area of the rings loss and described the circumstances of the rings’ loss and their attempts to recover the ring. I put my detector together and proceeded to search the area that they had searched previously. After recovering a couple of non-ring targets I decided to switch coils in order to get closer to some metal yard edging. While changing out coils I also needed to put on my gloves, the temperature at that time was around 17 degrees. After another 15 minutes search I heard a good signal on the opposite side of the sidewalk that they expected the ring to be. I looked over at Joshua and said “This sounds REALLY good”. When I pulled some snow back I could see the glint of the 14 kt while gold shining up at me. We had recovered Chiyoko’s rings! Joshua was ecstatic and a bit taken aback as he had previously searched this area with the purchased and rented detectors. This once again proves that expertise in the use of a metal detector can be the key to finding such things as this BEAUTIFUL ring set

Chiyoko's 14 kt white gold wedding ring set

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great work Jeff! Glad they found you and didn’t give up the search! Happy Hunting, Chris Turner/The Ring Finders

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