Lost ring found in Aumsville Oregon

  • from Oregon City (Oregon, United States)

Oregon lost ring Oregon lost jewelry I received a late night message inquiring if I was Greg from Ring Finders, and if I could help locate a lost ring.

In our text exchange, Tamerik explained that the lost white gold ring was worn on a chain around his neck. He had been helping a friend move some chairs from a shed, across the backyard. It wasn’t until his friends father found the broken chain that he realized the ring was gone.

Aumsville is about a hour down the road and I was able to head down the next day in the late afternoon.

When I arrived, I met Tamerik and he showed me the area he thought the ring should be.  He showed me the shed where the chairs were stored, and the approximate path he took while carrying them.

I started with my Minelab, doing a quick search over the suspected area. Quickly I discovered the area was super trashy, with multiple hits at various depths. I switched to a more systematic grid-search, getting great hits, but nothing near the surface. After about a hour, both Tamerik (who had been watching), and I were getting discouraged.

Tamerik‘s friend was there, so we had another conversation. He pointed out the approximate location where he thought his father had found the broken chain. Putting on my thinking cap, I looked at the yard, and decided on the shortest path I would take. I switched to my Garrett AT Gold with a smaller coil (always bring multiple detectors).  After about 10 minutes, I got the signal I was looking for. Bent down, parted the grass, and there was the  missing gold ring.
Glad to be able to help out…..persistence pays off


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