Lost Men's Gold Wedding Ring - Kitty Hawk – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Kristin at about 4:30.  She said that her husband had lost his gold ring, which was his late father’s ring, on the beach.  The tone of her voice indicated that she was very concerned.  I asked her the normal questions about if it was in the water and if she know about where it was lost.  She indicated that it was in dry sand and that they thought of buying a detector but the stores where out of stock.  I told her that I could be there in just a few minutes.

When I arrived they told me that the ring had been placed in a cupholder of the chair.  Kristin and Tim showed me where their chairs where before they picked them up.  I fired up the Minelab and in just a few sweeps had a great hit.  It was the ring.

Another happy family.

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  1. Kristin purvis says:

    Thank you so much Mr Duffey! Your service is absolutely immeasurable and amazing that you dedicate your time to help us. I posted a request on a Facebook local group and within minutes received multiple suggestions to call Edward Duffey. I called immediately and thank goodness I did, he was out in about 10 minutes after our call. He asked how it was lost and approximate area. Started searching and within 5 minutes found his ring. It was his late fathers wedding ring before it was my husbands and is absolutely irreplaceable. I cannot thank Mr Duffey enough for the quick response and care he showed us. He calmed and reassured me that he would do everything he could to recover my husbands ring.

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