Gold Wedding Band found 6 months after it was lost!!! Coppell,Tx

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

My wife and I were out detecting in a local park when a gentleman approached me to say he had lost his gold wedding band in his backyard, would we come try and find it(?).  Having asked him a few questions, he told me that 6 months ago he was working in his backyard and placed his wedding band on a small patio table and continued working.  He forgot about the ring and moved the table several times before he realized his ring was gone.  He and his family searched for days trying to find it and even borrowed a metal detector from a friend but was unable to locate it. He told me his wife was very upset with him or he wouldn’t have bothered to ask.  We agreed to come out the next morning at  8:30am arriving on a damp, slightly rainy morning.  We found out that the gentleman was a law inforcement officer and was on the phone when we arrived working on a situation that had happened the night before. He quickly showed us the backyard and went through his actions the day he lost the ring.  We got out our equipment and told him there would be several beeps and noises from my pinpointer alone but not to get too excited as the Garrett detector would be picking up anything metal.  I put on my headphones, turned on my Gartett ATPro and began my search in the backyard.  My detector went off  immediately, and I mean in the first 10 seconds of starting, which startled me.  I thought NO-WAY, it has to be coming from the patio rebarb in the concrete.  When I pulled out my pinpointer and checked to be sure I HIT Full TONE immediately.  I bent down, pulled the grass aside to see and there flush in the mud and grass was a Gold Circle.  His wedding band. I looked up and ask my wife to get the video camera ready on our iPhone, she looked at me like I was nuts, I whispered, I Got It.  She said no way but got the camera ready and started filming.  The homeowner was walking around the backyard and I said, ‘sir, you might want to take a look at this’…he hollered and grabbed the ring from me; it actually still had grass growing through it.  He was so excited, he hugged me and thank us and thanked us.  He was so excited he forgot about us and ran inside to tell his wife. This 10 second find made our day and put a smile on everyone’s face for the day.   It felt so good helping someone who is out there protecting us on a daily basis. Another Successful Find for “The Ring Finders” Don & Ellen Wilson  – Carrollton,Tx