Lost Gold Ring in Victoria Found and returned

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)


Paul webring 2 web

Lost Friday June 26th 2015  Recovered Monday June 29th 2015

I (Paul) lost my custom wedding ring last Friday at Durrance lake when I was at the waters edge with my son and I was throwing away a piece of fish bait my son had picked up. I only heard the sound of the ring hitting the water and couldn’t tell where it went. Incredibly Don was able to locate it three days later twenty feet from shore in less then ten minutes!

The hunt required my trusty water machine ( J.W. Fishers) and a long handled scoop. Paul had a good idea where he was standing when he lost it but no idea where it landed. I started a grid search and found it in ten minutes on the first pass.


Totally Awesome ring Paul and it was so great to get it back to you.