Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in Victoria B.C.

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)

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Sunday September 29th @ 12:27 P.M. I received a call from a Frantic Kyle Cameron. Can you help me find my Platinum Wedding Ring?

I gathered up my equipment and drove to Esquimalt Lagoon and met up with Kyle and Christine and the little dog. Kyle explained that while playing with his dog on the beach he got his hands covered in sand and while cleaning them he lost his ring.

I searched for 1 1/2 hours on the beach and in the surf and Bingo the detector rang out crisp and loud, found it. Talk about excited, Kyle said he could kiss me, I declined that but shook his hand and returned the ring.


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2 Replies to “Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in Victoria B.C.”

  1. Kyle Cameron says:

    I flung my ring off my finger while shaking sand off of my hands. It was raining and the tide was crawling closer and closer up the beach. Having been married only 7 months I was definitely very upset. I knew that with the waves running up and down the sand keeping it in motion, and my ring being much more dense than the sand, it was sinking further and further down the longer it stayed there.

    My father in law is retired and enjoys walking our dog down the lagoon with his friends at least twice a week. He was telling us he had seen someone with a metal detector on the beach only a few days ago. Luckily Don had an advertisement up on UsedVictoria.com and I was able to find his phone number quickly.

    I called Don and within an hour he was scanning the beach for my ring. When he found it, it was about two scoops of his sifter deep in the sand (maybe 8 inches?). I definitely never would have found it myself without digging up the entire beach!

    I’m very happy that Don was nice enough to rush out, and skilled enough to find my ring! I’ll definitely be telling everyone I know about him.

    Thanks, Don! You’re a life saver!

  2. Quick response + knowledgeable detectorist = success… Good find!

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