Designer Ring Recovered in Belmar NJ by Dennis Burlingame

Got a call from fellow RingFinder Steve Pacifico asking if I could do a recovery in Belmar. I got the contact information and gave CJ a call. Told him I’d be there to meet him in a few. Once at the beach CJ told me while playing ball with his friends, going up to hit the ball he felt his ring fly off his finger. He knew the area he was in and I started gridding the area. I covered the whole area ( some 20 square feet or so ) with no results. He had another “silver” ring he had bought from the same dealer and I put that into the sand to check what signal I was looking for. Turned out that ring gave a complete different signal that a silver ring would so I thought the lost ring would do the same and I went back over the area, still no luck. I reached out to my buddy Matty asking him what he thought about it. He suggested expanding the area and just dig everything you hear. So I did, both side and the out further then where he said it should be. About 5 more passes out further I got a crisp silver signal and sure enough out pops his ring, about 30 feet from where he was standing. He couldn’t believe it flew that far. He was so happy and grateful to get his ring, he started giving up hope that I was going to find it. I’m just glad I stayed with it and was able to find it for him.

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