Lost wedding band recovered in Long Branch by Dennis Burlingame

Got a call from fellow RingFinder Steve Pacifico asking if I was able to do a recovery in Long Branch for a wedding band, of course I said no problem. He forward me Paul’s phone number and after calling him told him i’d be there in bout 25 minutes. I loaded up my gear and headed out. I met Paul at the beach and he told me he was enjoying the day with his wife and took off his platinum band to put lotion on and rested his ring on his lap, forgetting it was there stood up and the ring flew off and disappeared into the sand. They tried to search for themselves but couldn’t locate it, in doing so a couple sitting by them told them about RingFinder and they contacted Steve and in return being to far away got hold of me. Paul showed me where he was sitting and sure enough the first thing I heard after turning on my detector was Paul’s ring about 4 feet in front of his chair. Paul and his wife were grateful to get his ring back. Another happy couple and happy ending to the day.

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  1. Bridget Mcdermott says:

    That is so awesome to help out strangers like you did.. Iam sure they were devastated of the loss of the wedding band. You are so thoughtful and caring person.. we need more people like you on earth..

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