Wedding band recovered in Howell NJ by Dennis Burlingame

Got a call today from Jose who was devastated that while putting up Christmas decorations the day before noticed that him wedding band of 20 years was missing. He just celebrated his 20th anniversary November 14th and couldn’t believe it was gone. Even tho it was raining today it was either going today in the rain or waiting till I got off work the next day but only having about a half hour of sunlight, I loaded up my rain gear and detector and took the ride out to see if I could help. A little rain never hurt anyone. He said it was either in the front yard or along the house where he put lights in the bushes there. I started at the sidewalk and worked my way to the house, about 30 minutes or so I found his ring in the grass about 3 feet from the bushes. Walking toward him holding up his ring, he ran towards me in joy knowing I found his ring and he was putting it back where it belonged, his ring finger. It’s always a great feeling giving back something so dear.

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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Good Job Dennis.

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