Ring Recovery in Belmar NJ

While at work I got  call from Sriharsha who asked for help in locating his ring he lost while swimming at Belmar. Seems he got hit by a wave and knocked down, when he got back up him ring was missing. Told him I’d  meet him after work. He took me to where he was swimming and I started to look. 2 hours in the water and on the slope I couldn’t find it. I told him I’d try again the next night at low tide with a friend of mine to help. We got there a little before low tide and I found the ring mid slope. Called him and made arrangements to meet him to pick up his ring. He was so grateful and didn’t think he’d ever see his ring again. In my haste I forgot to ask for a picture of him in the return ( sorry ). But the smile on his face did say it all. 

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