Wedding band recovered in water at Avon NJ by Dennis Burlingame

While at a 4th of July BBQ I got a call from fellow Ring Finder JerseyMatt about a recovery in Avon he couldn’t get to and asked if I could help. He gave me their number and it seems that Kristy and Oliver were enjoying the 4th on the beach and Oliver was in the water throwing a ball and he wedding band went with the ball on a throw. Told them I’d be there as soon as I could knowing that it was the end of low tide and I didn’t have much time before the tide was to high to hunt. Got down there and they showed me where he was in the surf and I went out to hunt. I was only out there not even 10 minutes I think and found the ring. He was pretty right on showing me where to go. I headed back to shore and they thought I was giving up because the waves were giving me a little hard time, but were surprised I found the ring so fast. A happy ending to a nice 4th of July

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2 Replies to “Wedding band recovered in water at Avon NJ by Dennis Burlingame”

  1. Lois says:

    Wtg Dennis. Good work.

  2. You’re a good guy Dennis*

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