Engagement ring recovered in Spring Lake NJ by Dennis Burlingame

Got a call from Andrea and Jamie asking for help to find Andrea’s ring she lost at the beach earlier. Seems she took it off to go swimming and put it in her beach bag and when they got home found the ring wasn’t there anymore. They went back down and try to find it themselves with no luck. I told them I’d be there in 20 minutes and they met me at the beach. At first they weren’t sure where it might be, so I asked if the bag was ever knocked over, No then asked her if she took anything out of the bag after she put the ring in and Yes a towel, had to of happened then. We marked out about a 25 foot square and started at one end and worked my way slowly across, about two thirds the way across I got the tone I was waiting to hear and sure enough there’s the ring. They were on the boardwalk watching and when they saw me stop Jamie threw up his arm asking yes or no and I gave him a thumbs up, they ran down to the beach in excitement. It’s always a great feeling reuniting people with their cherished rings. Glad it turned out for the best.

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2 Replies to “Engagement ring recovered in Spring Lake NJ by Dennis Burlingame”

  1. Andrea & Jamie says:

    Dennis is seriously amazing! We lost our engagement ring on the beach and didn’t realize until we got home. The Spring Lake Police Dept recommended Ring Finders and we called Dennis right away. He met us 15 minutes later on the beach and asked us to mark off the area where we had been sitting hours earlier. We left him to do his work and he scanned the area. About 15 minutes in he began digging, and removed his headphones because he had found the ring. We couldn’t believe our eyes – we will never forget Dennis and can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, Dennis!!!


    Great work you do!!

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