Beloved wedding band recovered in Sea Bright NJ

Got a call from Toni Ann and Joe that Joe lost his late mother’s wedding band he wore on a chain in the sand. He was playing with a toddler on the beach and she kept pulling on the ring so he took it off the chain and put it on his pinky finger. After playing and then walking around the area, then sitting down he noticed the ring was missing. I told them I was about a half hour away but will get there as soon as I could. Met up with them at their beach club and they took me to where they were sitting. They showed me about a 25 foot square area they thought the ring might be in. I told him I wasn’t leaving till he had his mom’s ring back.  I started at one end and about a third of the way through I recovered his ring for him. They were so happy to get the ring back. Glad I was able to return it to them.