100 Year old Family Heirloom Recovered in Asbury Park NJ

While on Asbury Park beach just getting ready to detect ( July 1 ) fellow Ring Finder Matty St Garmain called and told me about a ring lost there the weekend before. Ty was swimming when he got knocked over by a wave and lost his Great, Great, Great, Great grandfather’s ring. I was in the area where he lost it and started looking for it with no luck. Matty in return went down that night and didn’t have any luck either. I went back the next day but got chased away by a thunder storm. Wednesday the 3rd I got down there for low tide and after a half hour couldn’t believe I found it after all that time in the ocean. I called Ty and made arraignments for him to pick it up that Friday.  I’m SO glad I was able to return such an important piece to him so he can hand it down to him son when it’s time. Happy ending and a GREAT feeling for all.