Lost Ring Pensacola - FOUND 5 months later!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I must admit that I assumed my first return during Spring Break this year would be someone out enjoying this nice weather. In reality, George lost his ring in his backyard 5 months ago. Like a lot of people, George had a pretty good idea where it was so he decided to go buy a metal detector and see if he could find it himself. When he finally gave me a call he remarked about how much iron there was in the ground and how hard it was to operate. George asked me to come out and take a look for him. George was right that it was a tough area but luckily I have some of the best machines in the world and I’ve been using them a long time. George pointed me to the area and I began my search. I did the part George had pointed out with a few coils and realized that the ring wasn’t there. I told George that I was going to expand my search and I didn’t make it too far before I heard a nice gold tone in my headphones and headed over to a thrilled George and his wife Michelle. Thank you both for trusting me to come find your ring. 👍

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