Lost Ring Portofino Pensacola Beach - FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Well believe it or not I found my third Texas A&M class ring of the year!  I think that if I find a fourth, I should get an honorary Aggie t-shirt. 😃  I had the pleasure of meeting Evan and his girlfriend Dallas who were in town with family out at Portofino over the weekend. Evan found me on Ringfinders and reached out and let me know that he had a big problem.  He was playing paddleball out in the water with Dallas when his brand new solid gold class ring went flying off his hand.  They all tried looking for it but weren’t able to find it.  I let him know that I would be glad to come find it for him.  As is often the case, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  Luckily, this wasn’t my first time and after some thorough questioning, re-enactments and a check of the historic tide charts, I was able to give a very happy Evan back his ring.  What I thought was so neat is that Evan and Dallas told me they had seen the post from a few weeks ago where I found a man named Josh’s Texas A&M ring.  Throughout the search Josh told me that he had not removed that ring in 22 years.  Well you can see from the pictures that Josh was class of 97 and Evan is class of 19, exactly 22 years apart.  Isn’t it neat how fate works out sometimes.  😃  Congratulations Evan!

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  1. Evan Wilfong says:

    My Aggie ring took a little trip yesterday in Pensacola, FL! I was playing paddleball on the bay side of Portofino when my ring just slipped right off my finger in knee deep water. After about 30 minutes of looking, Dallas found Dave with Pensacola Ring Finders on Google. We saw the story of Josh ‘97 who lost his Aggie ring in Orange Beach, and with the help of Dave the next day he found it. This overwhemingly convinced us that Dave could find my ring. After watching him search for close to an hour, I started to become discouraged. Sure enough, right at the hour mark I looked up at Dave and he was smirking with my Aggie ring in his hand! If you ever find yourself without a ring along the Gulf Coast between Mobile and Destin, give Dave a call! Thanks and Gig ‘Em Dave! #pensacolaringfinders

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