Dave Boyer, Author at The Ring Finders

Ring Found in Hudsonville, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Received a text from Bonnie stating she lost her wedding ring in the backyard yesterday. Gregg and I set up an appointment and we met her after she got home from work. She showed us the area where she had been pulling weeds out of a tall grassy area and there were small piles of dirt where the weeds had been pulled out. She retired to the house as we went and grabbed our equipment. In searching the first small pile of dirt, BINGO, there was her ring, 30 seconds at most. Knocking on the door she was surprised at the quick recovery. The dog was not happy with these two strange guys and it took a while to warm up to us. In the end we put a big smile on Bonnie and even the pup.

Ring Found at Douglas, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Another Douglas Michigan Ring Found! I received a text from Garth that his wife, Tina, had lost her ring a couple of days ago at their vacation cottage on Lake Michigan. A few weeks ago also in the Douglas area, I found the wedding band of Garth’s cousin, Dan, so Dan gave Garth my number.
Today’s co-searcher, my brother-in-law, Neil, and I arrived a bit early, and the Grandmother showed us to the beach area where the ring was lost. In a few minutes I found the ring and waited for Garth and Tina to arrive. I buried the ring again in the sand and Garth, Tina and their son, Wyatt, arrived shortly after. We showed them the area that we had gridded looking for the ring and finally I went and grabbed the ring and gave it to Garth without Tina noticing. He bent down and buried the ring in front of Tina and Wyatt and then they uncovered the prize together. Saved good memories for another vacation.    

Ring Found On Lake Michigan Beach at South Haven.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I was on the golf course with my brother-in-law, when I received a text from Ross, saying that his wife, Natalie, had just lost her wedding ring on a Lake Michigan beach after 16 years of marriage. I texted him back, telling him we could be there later this afternoon, and hunting partner Gregg and I arranged to meet the Fort Wayne, Indiana, couple at 6:30 to try to save their vacation at this gated community right on Lake Michigan. When we arrived Ross showed us an area of about 30 feet square where they felt the ring must be. Natalie had the ring in the front of her swimming suit, and she remembered going to the water’s edge once and bending over to touch the water. They were quite sure that was when the ring fell out of her swimsuit. After about 1 1/2 hours and many targets of tin cans beaten into globs of aluminum, we were just about ready to give up, thinking that the ring had been washed out deeper and we would have to come back another day when the water was calm. But I got one last iffy signal close to the water’s edge — that turned out to be the ring. We walked up to Ross and Natalie with sad faces and shaking our heads, but I walked over to Ross and handed him the ring without Natalie seeing me. He got down on one knee and presented the ring to Natalie. (Should have had a video of that). If this doesn’t choke you up a bit you are not human. This hobby never gets old!


Ring Recovered in Douglas, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

 I received a text from Dan, saying he had lost his wedding band. He and his wife, Emily, were visiting from their home in Missouri, vacationing at a private home on the shore of Lake Michigan. Spending the beautiful day on the sand beach with lots of family and friends, Dan noticed his ring was missing shortly after they had played some catch. He pointed out two areas where he suggested I start: right next to the water, and an area right in front of the whole group of family and friends who were sitting on the beach, watching, not wanting to get in the way of the search. Checking the area next to the water produced only a rusty can lid, but on the third sweep of the area in front of the group I got a good solid hit. Bingo! There it was in my first scoop. Whoops and hollers and high fives from the group watching, and Dan and Emily’s 11 year marriage was back on track. Saving good memories of the 2022 vacation in Michigan!!

Pocket Knife found in Paw Paw, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Lost Pocket Knife in Paw Paw, Michigan.
I received a phone call from Larry this afternoon, stating that he lost a pocket knife with a lot of sentimental value. His late wife gave him this knife, so it’s important to him. While trimming his iris flowers as it was getting dark, the knife flew out of his hand and bounced off the neighbors’ wood fence. He couldn’t find it. He looked for it again the next morning and still could not find the knife. So Gregg and I hopped in the car and made the one hour trip to Larry’s log home, which sits at the end of a long driveway and on the bank of a river. You think these gorgeous places only exist on HGTV or in magazines. It took just a few minutes to find the pocket knife, and with a little brushing and polishing he will have the knife back in perfect shape. With the temperature near 90 he offered us a cool-down inside his log house and it was a sight to see with the hand-hewn beams, etc. Afterward we parted ways and headed home with another good deed done for the day.

RIng Found at Oval Beach, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Laura Did It Again, Oval Beach Michigan:
Laura lives in California but spends the summer months with her mother here in West Michigan. On her 2020 visit she had lost her wedding ring at Oval Beach, and Gregg Larabel and I went to look for it and Gregg found it. Today, Laura called again. Almost 2 years has gone by and she lost the same ring while she and her mother were at the beach. Gregg was tied up, so I made a solo trip to Oval Beach. On arriving at the beach I had no trouble recognizing Laura. She showed me a small area between the walkway to the water and the dune grass where the ring had to be. On my very first sweep through that area I received a good signal near the dune grass edge, and, looking down, I could see a tiny section of the rim of her ring sticking out of the sand. I called Laura over and she also immediately saw her ring. Her first comment was “Oh my gosh, somebody could have seen that”. This is one gorgeous ring folks, and she is so happy to have it back on her finger again. Now she can enjoy the summer with her mother. Final comment I made to Laura: “we have to quit meeting like this!”

Wedding ring recovered in Grand Rapids, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
In the vicinity of Lookout Park in Grand Rapids there are several long sets of steep stairs to get you up the bluff. What a place to lose a ring! Gregg, my fellow Ringfinder, received a call from Kate saying she just lost her wedding ring coming down these steps. Since Gregg is out of town he turned it over to me to find. I met Kate at the top of the stairs and she said that she and her husband were working out by running up and down these stairs. She saw the ring come off her finger and bounce a couple of times on the concrete steps before going into the brush on the left side of the steps. They looked for the ring for a long time and finally called for help. Overhead power lines were creating a lot of interference, and the area was full of trash, further complicating the search for the ring. Finally I used my pinpointer to search the area closest to the concrete edge of the steps, and found it under about 2 inches of soft dirt that had been stirred up by tramping thru that area. Married for only six months and now she has her ring back!!

Diamond Ring Found In Snow Along Side The Driveway(Grand Rapids, MI).

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Engagement ring lost in Grand Rapids in the driveway: Gregg got a call late last night about the lost ring, and he went alone to look for it. Unfortunately he came up empty. I went alone this morning (daylight is helpful) and also came up empty. Around noon we both showed up to give it one more try. About 5 minutes into the hunt I got a good signal (45 on the AT-Pro) next to the driveway in about a foot of snow. Kicking the snow out onto the driveway and scanning with a pinpointer still did not get it. Tried the metal detector one more time and the target was in a clump of snow over to the side. Picked up the clump of snow and there it was. A 3 carat diamond gets your attention! To put it mildly, emotions were overwhelming. Dong collapsed and sat on the ground and Amy was jumping for joy and giving both of us hugs. Was a little worried about Dong until he finally got to his feet. Wedding date is not set yet but at least they now have the ring for the occasion.

St. Christopher medal recovered from Hutchins Lake, Fennville, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

 I received a call last night from Ryan, stating he had just lost his gold Saint Christopher medal. It was a valuable piece, but priceless to Ryan as it had been his grandfather’s — just talking about the loss kind of choked him up. He had been playing with his daughter in about 3 feet of water when the gold chain broke, and chain and medallion dropped into the water. With some searching he found the chain but not the medal. He had a pretty good idea of where it was lost by lining up landmarks on shore and some boats nearby (good job Ryan). Gregg and I met them within an hour of his call and the search was on. I was on my second leg through that area when I got the unmistakable sound of gold and had it in my scoop. After a few whoops and hollers and some pictures we were headed home after our second successful search this weekend. Picture is Ryan, Melissa and daughter, Shayla.

Gorgeous Diamond Ring Recovered At Oval Beach

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Yesterday I received a call from Rachael, stating she had just lost her wedding ring in about waist-deep water at Oval Beach in Saugatuck.  She and Dylan were spending some time with relatives, relaxing and just being together after the crisis of losing their 31 year old cousin and attending the funeral a few days ago.  She simply couldn’t handle the loss of her ring after that other huge loss.  Anxious to help, Gregg Larabel and I arrived at the beach within an hour, and Dylan showed us where they thought we should look — an area of water about 30 feet by 40 feet.  I started searching straight down the center of that area, and in about 5 minutes I got a terrific signal that I knew had to be the ring.  A couple of scoops later and I had Rachael’s beautiful ring in my scoop.  Announcing the find brought Dylan, Rachael and a bunch of their relatives over to see the prize.  Their somber week had just turned into smiles and laughter for everybody.  These are the memories we strive for.