Dave Boyer

Engagement ring found in Rockford, Michigan.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Gregg Larabel got a call for a lost ring and since he was unavailable he gave it to me.  Chelsie had been working in her parents’ yard on Mother’s Day when she lost the ring, which she described as a silver metal heirloom handed down thru fiance Dylan’s family.  She and Dylan met me at the house today to show me what she had been doing and where on the property.  Chelsie was pretty sure about the specific area, but checking that area didn’t get me any silver signals from my metal detector.  We checked other parts of the lawn and finally came back to the original spot so I could check ALL the signals there.  When I got a tin foil signal, which is close to that of gold, I called Dylan over.  He bent down and parted the grass and there was her ring.  Turns out the ring is white gold instead of silver.  Chelsie shed a tear or two and our day just got a little brighter.  These moments never get old.

Engagement Ring Found in Dorr, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I received a text today from Stephanie, stating the engagement ring she received in January is missing.  She remembers taking if off by the kitchen sink when she was making a cheesecake a few days ago, but couldn’t say she remembers putting it back on.  As a volunteer fire fighter, she was called to a house fire that day, and then immediately after to a grass fire.  When she arrived at the grass fire she realized her ring was missing.  A few days later a friend told her about RingFinders and she sent me the text.  Gregg Larabel and I headed out immediately and met Stephanie at her house.  She recalled the day for us, and we quizzed her about her search so far.  She said she searched all over the house and in all the clothes she was wearing that day.  She invited us into the house and showed us where she remembers putting the ring, on the counter next to the sink.  She had already checked the drain in the sink.  Our standard question for everyone is, “Did you save the trash from that day?”.  She said “Yes, and it’s in the bin outside”.  She also recalled taking off her wet gloves at the house fire, which is a common way for a ring to come off the hand.  Seeing that she had checked the house so thoroughly we decided the site of the house fire was our next place to search.  As we were leaving we passed the trash bin and decided to check that first.  There was one small bag right on top and she said, “this was all the trash since the day the ring was lost”.  Gregg opened that small bag and I stuck the pinpointer on a brown paper bag crumbled up which was right on top.  The pinpointer started to vibrate and buzz right away, and I thought there must be some tin foil in there.  But when we unfolded the brown paper bag, THERE IT WAS!!!!!!  All three of us stood there with our mouths wide open for a second, in shock, but what a way to brighten your day.

Wedding Ring Found on Roadside Near Bangor, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Got a call from Tracy saying she lost her wedding ring out the window of her car. She and Mike, her husband, were driving down the road when they spilled some ice in the center console cup holder. Tracy grabbed the cup holder insert and threw the ice out the window. Oops, she forgot she had taken off her ring and put it in that cup holder. The next day they went back to look for the ring in daylight. Lying in the gravel beside the road they found the pad that had been in the bottom of the cup holder. Good! The ring must be nearby! But they didn’t find it.
So yesterday Mike took me to the area the ring was lost and I searched for about 2 hours until darkness shut me down. I told Mike I’d be back with reinforcements.
Today Gregg Larabel, Tom Cleary and I were determined. (And it really is a lot more fun when you have somebody searching with you.) On arriving on site we decided who would look where, and in about 15 minutes I found the ring about 5 feet from the gravel shoulder, nestled down in the thick gnarly grass — and about 20 feet from where they found the cup holder pad. I can’t be sure why I missed it yesterday, but it could just have been that I came at it from a different angle, making the “masking” effect of roadside debris less pronounced.
Tracy was at work. so we texted her for the address so we could deliver her ring to her. She came outside and we all celebrated the return of her ring. We took a few pictures on this beautiful December day and everybody went on with their day with a big smile on their face.                                                                                                                                        

Engagement ring found in Lowell, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Gregg Larabel, my fellow ringfinder, got a call from Tina telling him that her daughter, Brianna, had lost her engagement ring a few weeks ago.  Brianna and her fiance live on a secluded 10 acre parcel in the beautiful west Michigan countryside.  Because varmints had been going after their chickens, Brianna carried a shotgun as she walked around the yard and driveway checking on them and their beef cattle.  But her ring was interfering with her hold on the shotgun, so she took it off and put it in the pocket of her hoodie sweatshirt.  As she put the shotgun away later she discovered the ring was missing from her pocket.  After a lot of fruitless searching they decided the ring must be out in the yard or driveway somewhere.  It was obviously a big area to search, but Tina gave us a map showing where Brianna walked after putting the ring in her pocket.  We started with the driveway, and after finishing that I started searching the steps up the hill to the front door.  At the top of the steps, just before the front door I got a good hit in the leaves next to the steps, and when I parted the leaves, there was her ring.  I had just called Gregg over to look at it when Tina came out the front door expecting we were about ready to give up.  We held the ring out for her and her eyes lit up.  Brianna, at work, answered the “found it!” text with “are you kidding me?”   Picture is of Brianna back with her ring.

Ring recovered on Lake Michigan beach south of South Haven.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Received a call from Leah at about 3:30 this afternoon saying that her husband, Dan, had just dropped his wedding band in the sand and they could not find it.  Today  was a beautiful fall day in west Michigan, sunny with the temperature in the 70s (rare in November) so a good day for a road trip to Lake Michigan.  But with Daylight Savings Time over, we knew it would be dark by 6:00 and we didn’t have time to waste.  With my wife and the dog I jumped in the car and we headed out for the one hour trip to a nature preserve I hadn’t known existed.  Arriving around 4:30 we met Leah at the trail head and she guided us on the 1/4 mile trail through the woods to the beach where Dan was guarding the area where the ring disappeared.  I had Dan mark off the area where he thought his ring was lost, and I was impressed that he identified an area of only about 6 feet by 6 feet.  He then specified “about in this spot right here.”  I dropped the coil on that spot and hit the target immediately.  Immediately!  I set the detector down and gently started to brush the sand away with the palm of my hand until the outline of the ring came into view.  Dan stood there in amazement until he reached down and retrieved his ring.  They had searched carefully, but sand has a sneaky way about it.  This may have been my quickest search time ever for me to find a ring, but it was still very satisfying to make two nice people so happy.  

Ring Found at Oval Beach, Saugatuck, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Santosh, a computer programmer originally from Nepal, and his wife Ericka, originally from Spain, have been married for about 10 years and live in the Chicago area.  They were spending a few days in Saugatuck and Santosh lost his wedding band on the beach in yesterday’s gorgeous weather.  He had the ring in his pocket and when they were leaving the ring was missing.   I received his email late last night and I called him this morning.  We agreed to meet at the beach in an hour so they could show me the specific area in which to look.  I arrived a bit before they did and just randomly started searching the beach with my metal detector.  When I saw them drive in I headed toward them swinging the detector in front of me.  But halfway to their car I got a good signal that I had to check out.  One dig and I had a ring in the scoop.  Santosh and Erika came over, and we talked for awhile about what they were doing in Saugatuck and how he lost his ring.  When I asked him if he could show me where he thought he lost it, he said it was not far from where we are standing now.  So I reached into my pouch and asked him if this ring I had just dug up looked like his ring.  I only wish I had their reactions on video-you could see the anxiety melt from them.  They were heading home today with good memories of this vacation.

Ring Found In Water At Grand Haven City Beach, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I received a call this late afternoon from my hunting friend Gregg Larabel.  He had just received a lost ring call and they wanted to look for it tonight.  But since Gregg was busy I would have to go on this one by myself.  Phil and some family members rented a cottage for a few days at the beach.  Phil is originally from Lansing but now lives in Baton Rogue and now spending some time with his family on vacation.  They were playing catch in about chest-deep water when he caught the football with his left hand, and somehow his wedding ring went flying off his finger.  He(very cleverly) left his brother to mark the spot while he went to call for help.  I arrived about 7 PM and met his father and mother on the beach.  They pointed out Phil, who was in the water guarding the spot where the ring was lost.  After wading out and meeting Phil, he said his ring shouldn’t be more than 10 to 15ft from him, so he stayed in that spot and I hunted the area around him.  After about 20 minutes I got a good(GOLD)signal and called Phil over, telling him this should be it.  After a couple of scoops we had his beautiful 14K gold ring.  In checking it, I see their wedding date engraved inside the ring and guess what: their 1st wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.  His smart moves in calling right away and carefully marking the spot made all the difference.  We not only saved good vacation memories but added a good note to their upcoming wedding anniversary.                                                                          

Ring Found at Dyckman Beach, South Haven, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

No skill here, just plain luck!!  Received an email from Rachel late on Friday night saying her husband, Mike, lost his wedding ring in Lake Michigan.  They were smart to contact me so quickly.  The Big Lake was really churning yesterday and today was expected to be the same, so Gregg Larabel and I arrived this morning to meet Mike at the beach.  He showed us the area where he lost his ring–somewhere between the white and red buoys(see picture).   I have to admit our hearts sank after looking at the wave conditions and the area to cover.  Just standing in the waves was going to be a challenge.  We are well aware of the dangers in Lake Michigan.  Anything over waist deep in these conditions is a no-no for us because of the dangerous rip currents.  But we’re here; we’ll give it a try up to our limit.  Mike did say that midway between the buoys was probably the most likely spot to search.  In the picture you can see that’s where I headed–and that is about where I found his ring.  I received only one good target and assumed it would be a pull tab, but then, a pull tab way out here is unlikely.  After several waves pushed me off target I finally had the target in my scoop and to my surprise it was his ring.  We were out there less than ten minutes.  I still cannot believe it!  Mike is a music director for his church and his prayers were answered today.

Ring Found At Beach In South Haven, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Michael and Hailey got married yesterday and today they were spending some time on the beach.  Michael reached back to scratch his back and somehow his ring went flying behind him.

He called me at 3:30PM and within an hour Gregg Larabel and I met them at the beach.  Michael showed us where he was when it happened and after a couple of sweeps of the area I got a good signal.  I carefully brushed the sand away with my hand to reveal this beautiful yellow gold wedding band.

Hoots and hollers and the whole beach broke out in applause.  The honeymoon is back on!

Ring Found At Oak Beach, South Haven, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Levi, Ian and friends headed north to spend some time in the paradise of West Michigan.  They were enjoying some beach time today when Ian put his cap on the sand, and his girlfriends ring on top of the cap for safe-keeping.  When they were getting ready to leave, the cap went back on Ian’s head, and oops, he remembered about the ring too late.  Thankfully Levi emailed me for help right away, and I was off for the hunt.

Levi, and Ian met me at the beach head and led me down the path to the right spot on the beach.  The beach was crowded, and I was worried I might have to ask some people to move, if they would, for a minute so I could search under their blankets and other beach equipment.

But I made one pass down the search area and was halfway back when I got the sweet sound of the ring.  The whole beach joined in the celebration of the find.  I love this hobby where you can save good memories for good people.