Ring Found On Lake Michigan Beach at South Haven.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I was on the golf course with my brother-in-law, when I received a text from Ross, saying that his wife, Natalie, had just lost her wedding ring on a Lake Michigan beach after 16 years of marriage. I texted him back, telling him we could be there later this afternoon, and hunting partner Gregg and I arranged to meet the Fort Wayne, Indiana, couple at 6:30 to try to save their vacation at this gated community right on Lake Michigan. When we arrived Ross showed us an area of about 30 feet square where they felt the ring must be. Natalie had the ring in the front of her swimming suit, and she remembered going to the water’s edge once and bending over to touch the water. They were quite sure that was when the ring fell out of her swimsuit. After about 1 1/2 hours and many targets of tin cans beaten into globs of aluminum, we were just about ready to give up, thinking that the ring had been washed out deeper and we would have to come back another day when the water was calm. But I got one last iffy signal close to the water’s edge — that turned out to be the ring. We walked up to Ross and Natalie with sad faces and shaking our heads, but I walked over to Ross and handed him the ring without Natalie seeing me. He got down on one knee and presented the ring to Natalie. (Should have had a video of that). If this doesn’t choke you up a bit you are not human. This hobby never gets old!


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