Ring Found on Golf Course in Holland, MI.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Some days you wake up and wonder what the world will provide you this day, well, this was a special day that I will remember for a long time.
Got a text from Holly last night that said she lost her wedding ring about 3 weeks ago on the golf course. She had the ring in her front pocket along with her golf tees. She figured the ring came out of her pocket when she retrieved a golf tee. Gregg my hunting partner was under the weather so I had to make this trip by myself. I met Holly and her husband, Al, at the golf course and they had a golf cart that we used to visit all the golf tees on that 9 hole course. First tee box I got a good signal but it was deep in the grass and I bypassed it thinking it was too deep for the ring-did not have a digger with me. We searched the remaining tee boxes with no luck.
On a whim, I said, lets visit that first tee box again and let me check that good signal. I used my car key to probe in the thick grass and out popped this gold ring. I was thinking at least we did find a ring because it did not look like a ladies wedding ring. I showed it to Holly and her mouth and eyes opened wide and she said, “this is my ring”!! Sometimes miracles do happen.
This ring was her Dad’s ring which made it very special. Her original wedding ring was stolen in California years ago and she replaced it with her Dad’s ring. Also, Holly and Al will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on May 26th of this month-good timing. And to top it off they used to live in Markesan, Wis which is close to my hometown.




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