Ring Found at Douglas, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Another Douglas Michigan Ring Found! I received a text from Garth that his wife, Tina, had lost her ring a couple of days ago at their vacation cottage on Lake Michigan. A few weeks ago also in the Douglas area, I found the wedding band of Garth’s cousin, Dan, so Dan gave Garth my number.
Today’s co-searcher, my brother-in-law, Neil, and I arrived a bit early, and the Grandmother showed us to the beach area where the ring was lost. In a few minutes I found the ring and waited for Garth and Tina to arrive. I buried the ring again in the sand and Garth, Tina and their son, Wyatt, arrived shortly after. We showed them the area that we had gridded looking for the ring and finally I went and grabbed the ring and gave it to Garth without Tina noticing. He bent down and buried the ring in front of Tina and Wyatt and then they uncovered the prize together. Saved good memories for another vacation.    

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