Ring Recovered in Douglas, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

 I received a text from Dan, saying he had lost his wedding band. He and his wife, Emily, were visiting from their home in Missouri, vacationing at a private home on the shore of Lake Michigan. Spending the beautiful day on the sand beach with lots of family and friends, Dan noticed his ring was missing shortly after they had played some catch. He pointed out two areas where he suggested I start: right next to the water, and an area right in front of the whole group of family and friends who were sitting on the beach, watching, not wanting to get in the way of the search. Checking the area next to the water produced only a rusty can lid, but on the third sweep of the area in front of the group I got a good solid hit. Bingo! There it was in my first scoop. Whoops and hollers and high fives from the group watching, and Dan and Emily’s 11 year marriage was back on track. Saving good memories of the 2022 vacation in Michigan!!

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