Lost Silver Ring at Jericho Beach...Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other night from a young lady about a lost silver ring that was in the shape of a pyramid. She told me she was at Jericho Beach at 1 am and dove off the swim dock and realized right away that her ring came off. This ring was special as it was given to her by her boyfriend and as you could imagine it was super sentimental.

The young lady went back to the beach the next morning at low tide to look for the ring but couldn’t find it. As she was walking off the beach she saw my pamphlet for The Ring Finders and she gave me a call… I took all the information over the phone where she believed the ring was lost as she she took a late night dive off the dock and that was all the info I need.

I arrived at the beach as the tide was going out and started my search, after 45 minutes I could not find the ring and I checked my email and realized I was at the wrong beach… I raced over to the beach where I should have started and I begun my search.

After only 15 minutes I got a nice strong signal close to the chain that held the dock in place, there it was just an inch or son under the sand…














What a nice ring and a nice smile!















I love my job! If you lost something and need it found call me ASAP


Watch the video of the search…




3 Replies to “Lost Silver Ring at Jericho Beach…Found”

  1. Mike Mc says:

    It sure helps being on the right beach, hey?! And very unusual looking ring. Great recovery.
    Mike McInroe

  2. bill thomas says:

    can not sign up 630-272-0913

  3. Guy Fuller says:

    I love it! Lot better than writing your tell. I wish you would adopt me and my daughter, but that would be weird, me probably being older than you. Great find Chris. PI machine Chris? I’m selling my machine and all its coils to buy my water machine but I was leaning toward the Beach Hunter 300 I think it’s called.

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