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Lost ring in Manchester while on rope swing found!

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

I got a call from a young man who lost his ring while swimming and swinging on a rope swing. So 50 beer caps later I found his ring. Sometimes you have to remove hundreds of bad targets to find the precious item!

Lost ring in Bedford New Hampshire found and returned

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

I got an email notification from a Doug in Bedford New Hampshire who dropped his wedding ring in his own back yard. He saw where it went, which was a simple one square foot hole next to where he was having a pool installed. Simple enough right! The next day he emptied the hole and put all the dirt through a strainer, but no ring? He then bought a metal detector and scanned the hole and the dirt he got out of the hole and still no ring? I showed up Sunday at Douglas’s home and listened to his story while staring at the hole. Listening and thinking about all the crazy possibilities I have encountered over the last few years. It can be very amusing, but knowing Doug was stressed over this magnificent ring I kept a serious mind set and demeanor. I put on my sniper coil and scanned the hole and the dirt just as Doug had and got no response. I did get a few indications that the detector was trying to pick up a signal, but absolutely nothing that would indicate a target of any size or metal remotely made of gold, so I backed off the discrimination and increased the sensitivity and still only a few bits of static. I backed the discrimination down to zero and started picking up a few small bouncy iron signals, so those being my only options I chose to check each one with my hand held pin pointer. Turns out the ring some how rolled, bounced, or slid underneath the edge of the sidewalk. You can see in the one photo where Doug is

kneeling, above the white pipe, there is a dug out portion. The ring was standing on edge and packed underneath the sidewalk, which contains some small amounts of metal debris or maybe reinforcement, which was making it partly invisible to the detector. Fortunately I recognize when my Teknetics T2 is trying to tell me I have two different metals intertwined. There was probably a crack or a small crevasse running along the edge there and the ring must have gotten there and then was covered in the initial excavation process. I wont go into detail, but Doug showed some serious relief, which almost made me show some serious relief. LOL It was a happy occasion to say the least!


Lost ring returned Manchester NH

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

Well guys and gals I started getting a little worried after 15 minutes and no luck. The young lady told me she heard the ring hit the ground and considering there was snow everywhere that didn’t leave far for it to go, but as luck would have it the ring must have been sitting right on top of re bar or a city utility cap, because I got zero signals other than iron in a a 300 square foot area.

We always want to find the lost keep sake, but when your told my fiance said, “nobody will be able to find your ring. It’s lost for ever” You really get an extra burst of determination, so after running out of options I started shoveling snow and I can only assume one of those scoops around a man hole cover or the seam in the side walk must of held her ring because after checking the new piles I made I caught a glimpse of a shinny object. Laying there under an inch of ice cold water was a curved silver colored object, the rest covered in snow. I grabbed it and sure enough there it was. Another mystery solved.


Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found in Newton MA

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

Granted I was 48 miles from Derry NH, but you get the point. This kind of weather will make your fingers shrink and that’s just what happen to the owner of this ring. One minute knocking the snow off the windshield is all it takes. The other half of the equation is you can’t feel your fingers. The couple herd something go PING, but thought little of it until they got home. By the time they called MOM and POPS the driveway had been plowed and gloom had sat in. POPS used his trusty Bounty Hunter for a few hours to no avail, so that’s when I got the call and the very next morning I headed South to Newton. After 30 or 40 minutes with no luck I started back over where I had been with my Teknetics T2 and expanded my grid to include part of the street. I run my machine on all metal mode and pay strict attention to the numbers and the intensity of the BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ when I hit a target. I got about 100 hits while looking for this ring, but when I got that zip zip sound and a constant 53 and 54 I just about grabbed my video camera, but to be honest my hands hurt so bad I just wanted to get out of the cold. So there it was in that place in most driveways where they meet the street, a rise in the drive about half a inch tall and nestled there was the ring. You could still see the plow marks, but the ring didn’t have a scratch on it.

Dads ring found and returned Allentown NH

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

I got a text message Christmas day from a lady who lost her dads wedding band, a ring she wears daily to remember him by. This morning when the sun came up enough to see I set off to a small town about 28 miles North of home. Patti told me she was out discharging the snow from her roof when after taking off her gloves she noticed the memento was gone. I could see the pain in her eyes as she shared the details with me, so I promptly grabbed my Teknetics T2 and started to work. I got three or four 68 to 76 hits on my machine before I got a nice solid and repeatable 52! 52 left. 52 right. 54 up. 52 down. LOL You get the picture. Pattie was inside getting a pot of hot water so I called to her and ask that she set it down and come do the honors, and she joyfully did. Her dads ring is now back where it belongs and no water was wasted. I Love my job Guys and Gals!!!! Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Lost wedding ring in Manchester NH found

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622


Mike R. was sledding with his youngsters and after all the fun was over he looked down and his wedding ring was gone. After renting a metal detector and searching the front yard of his house for a couple days Mike decided to call He had found the site when Goggling “Rent a metal detector” I was on my to do a little water hunting when I got his call this last Tuesday. Good news was I had all my equipment and was obviously in the mood for some metal detecting, so I made a U turn on 93 and scooted up to Manchester in about 30 minutes.

Mike’s yard had 100’s of targets, so I can understand his failure to find the ring on his own. It’s hard enough to use some metal detectors even when there are few targets much less many. I hunted for about an hour and even left the front yard to check all other possibilities, but came up empty handed. So after talking to Mike again I started the labored task of removing every target I came across. Fortunately for me about the 20th target turned out to be the ring. You see the yard was mostly bare dirt and it was hard to believe that a ring could hide in plain sight, but it had. One little piece of debris was sitting on top of the ring. So when I bent down to to flick the dirt up where the tone was I had this shinny ring staring me in the face. I kind of chuckled because here I was the pro trampling all over the top of this guys ring. Not actually stepping on it, but definitely under foot.

Here is a picture of Mike after getting his ring back.


Lost ring in Merrimack New Hampshire found

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s!

I wanted to share a couple emails I have gotten recently to demonstrate some typical requests we get as ring finders.

Dear Guy,

About a year ago, I put my ring somewhere in my house for safe keeping.  I was leaving town for a while and did not want to leave it in easy view in case someone broke into our house while we were away.  Long story short, I cannot find it but feel certain it is here somewhere.  I am wondering if this is something you might be able to locate.  I do have some other jewelry and silver in my house and don’t know if your detector can distinguish between a gold band with very small rubies and diamonds and sterling silver flatware, etc.  If so, I would love to talk with you.

You can reach me at 781-xxx-xxxx.  I will be out of town over the weekend and be back Sunday evening.

Many thanks for considering my request, and for your heart-warming blog!

Polly Sxxxx


This is a long shot but here it goes…. just lost my wedding ring in my front yard. Can you please help me. I was raking and lost it. I live in Merrimack. Is this something you could do for me? I can pay you. Please help.
Thx Mark Bxxxxxx

I responded to both emails immediately, but am waiting to hear back from the ring misplaced in the home. The ring lost while doing yard work I recovered an hour after leaving my regular 9 to 5 job. I searched the front yard of Marks house for about five minutes then proceeded to the big pile of leaves he had captured while cleaning up the yard. It’s crazy, but a ring in a big pile of leaves is sometimes as bad as a ring lost in the sand. A ring  just has a way to elude the hand. When I swiped my Teknetics-Omega 8000 over the pile of leaves I got a repeatable nickle signal and that was a clear indicator our prize was there. A quick search with my pin pointer and Mark was reunited with his wedding band. Mark made the comment how he had recently lost some weight, so you need to keep that in mind come New Years resolution time. 🙂

mark-lost-ring1 mark-lost-ring2

Lost wedding ring in Westford Massachusetts. Found!

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

It never fails. My daughter and I had just got back from a 20 mile drive when my phone rang. Turns out a gentlemen 5 miles from where we had just came from lost his wedding ring while dumping yard debris in the woods behind his house. Mike had rented a metal detector and him and his wife had spent a few hours searching prior to calling me. They had given up finding it themselves. It was dark, so I hesitated for about 3 seconds before agreeing to meet them at their house and look for Mike’s Platinum and Gold spinner wedding ring. I arrived shortly and Mike showed me the general area, on the outside of his small wooden fence, where the ring was last headed. It was explained to me that Mike was standing up against the fence when he tossed a hand full of leaves onto the other side of his fence. We emptied the area of as much debris as possible and then proceeded to sweep the area. After a few minutes  I asked Mike to show me exactly where he was standing and exactly the motion he remembers going through when he lost his ring. Afterwards I went to where he was and slowly animated the movement. What I noticed was that the position he was in when his hands separated from the debris put his left hand in an almost parallel line with the fence. A ring will have a hard time coming off a finger unless it is straight or even hyper-flexed, and if Mike’s finger was straight or more the ring would have went over the fence off to the left over the fence, if over the fence at all. It could have even hit the fence. I did an about left face and started to stroll the fence line when in the beam of my headlight, yes I said headlight, I got a familiar glint. Shiny object LOL. There on the ground about 6 feet away was Mike’s ring. It would have made a nice ping sound the next time the grass was mowed, especially if not finding it left everyone thinking it was lost out in the woods. Happily reunited we with his ring, Mikes wife, Mike, and I went on to have a great few minutes of conversation about things I have found in the past and some of my more challenging ring returns. Really nice people and very appreciative. Folks, find something you are enthusiastic about and dearly treasure and do it, because we don’t get any second go’s at this life. I Love this hobby and under some circumstances do it for free, but what I have found is many people would not think of some kind of a token of their appreciation not being accepted. I added a few interesting finds just to change things up and of course a smile photo!          A couple odds and ends at bottom.

westford mike-in-westford2

star-button  walking-liberty  photo-1  large-cent-1883

Lost ring in Worcester MA Found

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

Hey Guys and Gals

I don’t know if you remember, but last week I found a ladies ring on the roof of her house, if you just did a double take go back and look for that article, after returning Jennifer’s ring and before leaving her driveway I got a call from a gentlemen who lived about 30 miles away, so instead of heading home I headed further towards western MA to a town called Worcester. Seems while doing a bunch of trimming and brush hauling Mr. Jones came up bare handed. I arrived at the owners house and ask him a series of questions, which all got the normal responses. It would be great to top the ring on the roof story, but instead I’ll just take credit for being a luck charm, because after a few short minutes while walking around, the owner looked down and found his ring. Some are easier to find than others. Regardless, I got some gas money and some fresh produce. No complaints here! All in all another happy couple. I don’t know about all the guy’s out there, but for me I’m just happy when a ring gets back where it belongs no matter who finds it.

elvis1    elvis2

Lost ring in Natick, MA. found. Find of a life time.

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

Find of a life time is a common phrase heard in the metal detecting community. It has a different definition than what you will find in this story. Last Monday I got a text concerning a very special lost ring in Natick, MA. A very common story where the parents were playing with the children in the back yard when one action or another dislodged the women’s ring from her finger. The play immediately ceased and the family spent the rest of the daylight looking for the lost ring with no success.

When I arrived at the home the first thing I noticed was the landscaping. The ground in the back yard reminded me of a green and brown loop pile carpeting. In other words there was no real place for a ring to go, so I figured Id be out there in a few minutes flat. Well after 30 minutes of covering the entire back yard with a grid search I came up empty I expanded the search to around corners, under and in any yard toys, and on and in a small shed, but still a big nothing. At that point I made a joke about climbing over into the neighbors yard or checking the gutters. The next words out of my mouth were, “Do you have a ladder?” I am still not sure what that look on Jennifer’s face meant! I got the ladder to check the gutters, but as it turned out they were not going to need a handyman to come by later this fall to clean them out and the roof was pretty much debris free also except for a large platinum ring with 8 crazy diamonds.

Two people playing keep away, an air filled ball, a loose ring, and of course physics will send a ring flying every time. Hope I can attache video and be careful it’s a little loud, but pay attention to the wife and not me. She was very happy!


Video is loud so be careful!!





jennifer1 jennifer2

On October 16th I was outside playing ball with my family. I reached up with both my hands to catch the ball and I felt my wedding ring come off my finger. All of us immediately started looking for it. My husband
marked the spot where i was and we continued to search. After 1/2 hour my husband decided to go buy a metal detector. My kids went inside and I stayed outside walking back and forth through the yard. My husband returned
and he began to search with the metal detector, still no luck. After 3 hours of nonstop searching i had to come inside to cook dinner. I began to feel hopeless. I have had my wedding ring for 10 years and I felt I had lost a piece
of myself. My husband searched online and he came across ring finders. We contacted Guy and he asked if we wanted him to come out that night or the next day. We agreed that he would come out the next day. I anxiously waited for him
to arrive and was hopeful that he’d be able to find it. The morning I met Guy he asked were the action took place I took him to the backyard. He asked where we were playing and where I thought the ring would be. He began his search
walking up and down the yard. He said the ring might have went over the fence and we might need to search the neighbors yard also. I guess anything could have been a possibility because where I thought it was we weren’t having any
luck. He also had asked if I had a ladder so he could check the gutters/roof. I was thinking that there was no way that it could be in the gutters or on the roof with the way that it had came off my finger. I gave him the ladder from
the shed. He climbed up and was looking all the while I was thinking I should get ready to go ask the neighbors if he could search their yard then Guy pulled out his phone I didn’t realize it then but he was recording this moment
because he had found my ring. I would have never in a million years thought that it was up on the roof. I still get emotional thinking about the moment it was back on my finger. It must have hit the ball in mid air and that’s
how it ended up on the roof. I appreciate Guy so much for his patience and thinking outside the box. I am forever grateful.
Hello Guy this is Jennifer Edwards I apologize for the huge delay in this email but here it is.
Hope all is going well.  All the best, Jennifer