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Londonderry NH ring lost 6 years Found

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

After buying a detector and searching a few times over the last 6 years Wild Bill decided to call the ring finders! I’m glad he did and I enjoyed the challenge. This was the first lost ring I ever had to dig down in the ground to find.

Lost ring in Acton Maine found

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

I quickly responded to a text from Liane  who found my name in the ring finders directory. Liane and her husband were splashing around in waist deep water when they realized his platinum ring was missing. I showed up a few hours later and we took a boat ride to the sand bar where the ring went missing. I set out some florescent markers and started my grid search and after a couple hours I got that solid 15 signal and pulled up the missing ring. A gorgeous day to be in the water


Lost ring in Cape Elizabeth Maine found

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

A surprise proposal sent this engagement ring flying.  Aaron had this gorgeous ring flipped up in the air by accident and due to the recent snow storm it immediately went into hiding. I met up with the couple Sunday for what should have been a easy return, but due to the heavy snow and a very iron riddled ground the search took over an hour. After reviewing video I discovered the ring was actually the first signal I got, but ended up being the last signal of the day. After separating out many bits of broken nails and rust I finally popped the ring out of the frozen ground. So Aaron got the ring, got down on one knee, and proposed all the way to a yes this time. What a day!

Lost ring in Arlington MA found

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Cleaning the leaves! Cutting the grass! Playing with the dog. All known to steal rings, but this time it was just a borrow. Shawn called me after renting a metal detector and searching his yard for almost 8 hours. So after a brief description of what happened I started my grid search and before Shawn could fetch a rake I found his ring. The rake was a ploy so I could surprise him and by the look on his face I did just that. Thanks Shawn for calling the and giving me a chance to make both our days!



Lost ring in Manchester while on rope swing found!

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

I got a call from a young man who lost his ring while swimming and swinging on a rope swing. So 50 beer caps later I found his ring. Sometimes you have to remove hundreds of bad targets to find the precious item!

Lost ring in Bedford New Hampshire found and returned

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

I got an email notification from a Doug in Bedford New Hampshire who dropped his wedding ring in his own back yard. He saw where it went, which was a simple one square foot hole next to where he was having a pool installed. Simple enough right! The next day he emptied the hole and put all the dirt through a strainer, but no ring? He then bought a metal detector and scanned the hole and the dirt he got out of the hole and still no ring? I showed up Sunday at Douglas’s home and listened to his story while staring at the hole. Listening and thinking about all the crazy possibilities I have encountered over the last few years. It can be very amusing, but knowing Doug was stressed over this magnificent ring I kept a serious mind set and demeanor. I put on my sniper coil and scanned the hole and the dirt just as Doug had and got no response. I did get a few indications that the detector was trying to pick up a signal, but absolutely nothing that would indicate a target of any size or metal remotely made of gold, so I backed off the discrimination and increased the sensitivity and still only a few bits of static. I backed the discrimination down to zero and started picking up a few small bouncy iron signals, so those being my only options I chose to check each one with my hand held pin pointer. Turns out the ring some how rolled, bounced, or slid underneath the edge of the sidewalk. You can see in the one photo where Doug is

kneeling, above the white pipe, there is a dug out portion. The ring was standing on edge and packed underneath the sidewalk, which contains some small amounts of metal debris or maybe reinforcement, which was making it partly invisible to the detector. Fortunately I recognize when my Teknetics T2 is trying to tell me I have two different metals intertwined. There was probably a crack or a small crevasse running along the edge there and the ring must have gotten there and then was covered in the initial excavation process. I wont go into detail, but Doug showed some serious relief, which almost made me show some serious relief. LOL It was a happy occasion to say the least!


Lost ring returned Manchester NH

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Well guys and gals I started getting a little worried after 15 minutes and no luck. The young lady told me she heard the ring hit the ground and considering there was snow everywhere that didn’t leave far for it to go, but as luck would have it the ring must have been sitting right on top of re bar or a city utility cap, because I got zero signals other than iron in a a 300 square foot area.

We always want to find the lost keep sake, but when your told my fiance said, “nobody will be able to find your ring. It’s lost for ever” You really get an extra burst of determination, so after running out of options I started shoveling snow and I can only assume one of those scoops around a man hole cover or the seam in the side walk must of held her ring because after checking the new piles I made I caught a glimpse of a shinny object. Laying there under an inch of ice cold water was a curved silver colored object, the rest covered in snow. I grabbed it and sure enough there it was. Another mystery solved.


Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found in Newton MA

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Granted I was 48 miles from Derry NH, but you get the point. This kind of weather will make your fingers shrink and that’s just what happen to the owner of this ring. One minute knocking the snow off the windshield is all it takes. The other half of the equation is you can’t feel your fingers. The couple herd something go PING, but thought little of it until they got home. By the time they called MOM and POPS the driveway had been plowed and gloom had sat in. POPS used his trusty Bounty Hunter for a few hours to no avail, so that’s when I got the call and the very next morning I headed South to Newton. After 30 or 40 minutes with no luck I started back over where I had been with my Teknetics T2 and expanded my grid to include part of the street. I run my machine on all metal mode and pay strict attention to the numbers and the intensity of the BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ when I hit a target. I got about 100 hits while looking for this ring, but when I got that zip zip sound and a constant 53 and 54 I just about grabbed my video camera, but to be honest my hands hurt so bad I just wanted to get out of the cold. So there it was in that place in most driveways where they meet the street, a rise in the drive about half a inch tall and nestled there was the ring. You could still see the plow marks, but the ring didn’t have a scratch on it.

Dads ring found and returned Allentown NH

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

I got a text message Christmas day from a lady who lost her dads wedding band, a ring she wears daily to remember him by. This morning when the sun came up enough to see I set off to a small town about 28 miles North of home. Patti told me she was out discharging the snow from her roof when after taking off her gloves she noticed the memento was gone. I could see the pain in her eyes as she shared the details with me, so I promptly grabbed my Teknetics T2 and started to work. I got three or four 68 to 76 hits on my machine before I got a nice solid and repeatable 52! 52 left. 52 right. 54 up. 52 down. LOL You get the picture. Pattie was inside getting a pot of hot water so I called to her and ask that she set it down and come do the honors, and she joyfully did. Her dads ring is now back where it belongs and no water was wasted. I Love my job Guys and Gals!!!! Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Lost wedding ring in Manchester NH found

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)


Mike R. was sledding with his youngsters and after all the fun was over he looked down and his wedding ring was gone. After renting a metal detector and searching the front yard of his house for a couple days Mike decided to call He had found the site when Goggling “Rent a metal detector” I was on my to do a little water hunting when I got his call this last Tuesday. Good news was I had all my equipment and was obviously in the mood for some metal detecting, so I made a U turn on 93 and scooted up to Manchester in about 30 minutes.

Mike’s yard had 100’s of targets, so I can understand his failure to find the ring on his own. It’s hard enough to use some metal detectors even when there are few targets much less many. I hunted for about an hour and even left the front yard to check all other possibilities, but came up empty handed. So after talking to Mike again I started the labored task of removing every target I came across. Fortunately for me about the 20th target turned out to be the ring. You see the yard was mostly bare dirt and it was hard to believe that a ring could hide in plain sight, but it had. One little piece of debris was sitting on top of the ring. So when I bent down to to flick the dirt up where the tone was I had this shinny ring staring me in the face. I kind of chuckled because here I was the pro trampling all over the top of this guys ring. Not actually stepping on it, but definitely under foot.

Here is a picture of Mike after getting his ring back.