Lost Wedding Band in Coquitlam, BC..Found

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I received a call in regards to a lost wedding band a couple of weeks ago and we set a time to meet to do the search today. This young man was taking down the Christmas lights and at some point while doing that and playing with the neighbours dogs he lost his wedding band.

He searched for days and had no luck in finding the ring so he went on line and found ”The Ring Finders Directory” and made the call…He explained to me that it might be a couple of weeks before I could come out to do the search due to his wife who was expecting any day.

Well he’s the proud father of a baby daughter, he called me to say to come over to find the ring and I knocked at his door this morning and we met.

While he was filling in the contract I stood on his front steps looking at the potential search area and as I was looking around I caught a glimpse of white gold in the red rocks that was in his garden under a small tree. I went over and pulled out his ring form the rocks and looked at him and said…Found it! He was pretty amazed as was I.


Sometimes you get lucky and my first find of the year was just that! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to use my V3i but I’m sure there will be another search soon.

Thanks for reading my blog and you can watch the video on the link below…Unfortunately my GoPro was having some troubles so I lost most of the coverage…

I Love my Job!

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