Lost Gold Ring in a Ditch in Chilliwack BC...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young man that told me that he lost his late fathers gold ring that was given to him two years ago.

He told me that he was parked by the side of the road and threw an apple out of the car window and his ring that was fitting him a bit lose went flying off his finger with the apple towards a ditch.

It was dark out and he searched as best he could but couldn’t find the ring. He came back in the morning and searched the area but still no ring!

He told me that he rented a metal detector and searched the area for hours but couldn’t find it. He was pretty sure that it went into the ditch that was muddy and full of water.

When I arrived to the area in Chilliwack where he lost the ring my first thoughts were… this was going to be a tough search! Due to the water and branches and mud in the ditch.

I started my search near the side of the road by the long grass near the ditch, I figured that I’d start with the easy part and make my way to the hard part(Muddy Water)

This was a good idea as less then 10 minutes I got a loud signal which turned out to be a flatten out beer can and right beside it was his late fathers gold ring!

It was very windy and I lost most of the interview because of the sound but I can tell you he was a very happy young man!

I love my job!

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