Lost ring found by The Ring Finders member from New York...

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Here is an email I received today from a man who lost his ring and now has it back! I’m proud of  this service and of the members of The Ring Finders Directory!!

Lost wedding ring...Found


WE FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for your kindness, your responsiveness, and your offer to help because I know you didn’t have to.  Beyond being “metal detectors,” people like you and Jason are good samaritans that give people like me faith that there are people out there that choose to do nice things simply because it’s nice.  Thank you for returning my emails and calls, for comforting me in my misery, and for reaching out to your community for me.  Jason was an absolute ring finding superstar!  He came from three hours away, through floody dangerous roads, and came prepared with information on how my ring would read on the detector and different theories about how it could have fallen.  It was impressive.  If ever there were a ring finding professional, he was it.

I am forever greatful to you, him, and the fact that I found you on the internet under “ring finders”.


For all of the misery of this weekend, the feeling of finding it was almost worth the losing it in the first place.